Mobilians will turn out in droves for a chance to be on camera. Add food to that scenario and you can expect record-breaking turnouts on Dauphin Street.

Unless you live under a rock you’ve heard or shared plenty of Food Truck Wars stories from last weekend. The Food Network show was downtown battling it out, and Mobile supported them with all she had. Turnout was so good the producers of the show were flabbergasted. I’ve really only heard one negative thing about the whole experience: the lines were too long.


People were so excited that some waited as long as two-and-a-half hours for a sampling from the future television stars. Foodie Melanie Brannan offered, “Food Truck Wars had some awesome grub, especially Let There Be Bacon. Their shrimp and bacon poboy rocked. I’m pretty sure our bacon chant will make it to TV.”

I caught up with our own Jacob Merritt of Geaux Boy who was at the scene with his truck.

“It was hands down the best day that we have had yet, and I think it has Mobile buzzing about the new idea of a food truck.”

The new wave of food trucking that Merritt speaks of is a turn from carnie food, the idea that you can get high quality food from a street vendor. With local seafood, meats and produce it is no wonder Mobile is such a great place to do this.

“No more canned or store-bought products with no imagination. This is a revolution of flavor and mobility,” he said.

Aside from the much-talked-about Let There Be Bacon, Lone Star Chuckwagon was slinging the Tex-Mex as well as peel-and-eats while The Middle Feast fired up the chicken schwarma and Middle Eastern fish tacos. There are no losers in this battle. We will let you know as soon as an air date is set.

Baldwin County gets its own food truck

Food trucks may be popular in Mobile County, but our Eastern Shore friends are already enjoying the most unique one to date. The Old 27 Crawfish Wagon is spreading the delight of mudbug mobility as we speak. That’s right. It’s roadside crawfish cooked to order all throughout Baldwin County. You’ve enjoyed the crawfish on special days at Old 27. Now follow them on Facebook to grab some on the go.

“At your house or on your boat, in your car or on your float, crawfish, crawfish, everywhere. Call some friends and get some to share,” boast the mad rhyming skills of teammates Wesley “Mudbug” Savery, Chad “Crawfish” Savery and Bill E. Stitt.

They could pop up at any crawfish emergency, but would gladly park right on your property for any special event that needs catering. I’m thinking of inviting them over for lunch. By the way, I’ve sampled the product. You will not be disappointed. Call the boys at (251) 241-1161.

Moe’s introduces incredible (and fitting) menu items

So I walk into Moe’s BBQ in downtown Mobile the other day, in need of some shepherd’s pie, collards and catfish. Head honcho Grant stopped by our table to inform us of a new upcoming menu item. When you think of a barbecue joint that also does a little bit of deep frying, this makes perfect sense. As a matter of fact this is pure genius. The item is house-made fried pork skins.

We were treated to a sampling dusted with their dry rub and served with a side of Alabama white sauce for dipping. I thought it couldn’t get better. Next he brought us a serving of Moe’s Original pimiento cheese. You don’t know country living until you’ve scooped pimiento cheese with pig skins. Way to go, gang. You’ve made the world a little better place.

LoDa Biergarten making some food changes

I’ve said for a while that the burger and fries are the best thing on the menu at LoDa Biergarten. Those crazy curly cue fries are some of my favorite. That hamburger is a very juicy complement to the unique spuds. It seems everyone else feels the same way, and the folks at LoDa are paying attention.

Inside sources are telling me that the menu is about to get burger heavy. In the next couple of weeks be prepared to find a list of multiple burgers. No word on what the new options may be, nor what could be bumped from the menu, but that information will be here soon. I’m just excited to have more to eat with all of that beer.

Rouses carrying Hall’s products

It has been confirmed. Mobile County’s own Hall’s sausage has been spotted in the Rouses supermarket in Spring Hill. Thank goodness for it. I no longer have to make the trip to Wally World just for a stick of their garlic bologna. It truly is the breakfast of champions. The kids love for me to cut it like Pac Man and fry it. I love it chopped up and sautéed with onions in a bowl of grits with hot sauce.

Duel on Dauphin this Sunday

I’m pretty sure a duel means two, but if you have enough beers it won’t matter that plenty of bars are competing this Sunday, June 8, at 2 p.m. Get on down for some awesome mudbugs as four bars fight to the death to see who has the best crawfish benefitting the Bay Area Food Bank.

This year’s participants include Hayley’s, Excite, The Brickyard, and LoDa Biergarten. Entry into the event is only $5 or five non-perishable food items. How can you go wrong?