Please ponder and reflect upon my apologia (L., “defence”) of adequate/generous funding of the Mobile Museum of Art under the superb executive directorship of Ms. Deborah Velders.

Philosophical and financial support of the arts and aesthetics in our community is vital for both intrinsic and extrinsic reasons. INTRINSICALLY, the study of art and the appreciation of aesthetics: (1) promotes creative and divergent thinking; (2) hones criticality, analyticity and problem-solving skills; and (3) enhances self-awareness and self-expression. And the INTRINSIC psychological benefit to the individual citizen is commensurate with the EXTRINSIC sociological benefit to the community at large.

The study of art and the appreciation of aesthetics renders communities more collaborative, productive and fulfilled, with a shared sense of purpose and identity. If the community of Mobile is to reverse its population decline, it must create an energetic and vibrant community that can attract corporations and professionals.  

The INTRINSIC and EXTRINSIC attributes of art and aesthetics must be vigorously sustained and promoted.  

“When we want to enshrine our heroes, our fallen from wars and our leaders of the good and the right; when we want to inspire a people to action, to rise to our higher angels; when we want to commemorate all the best that this or any nation [or community] has been or can be; then we turn to that which can capture our emotions, our ideals, our aspirations. We turn to the art [and aesthetics] of the word, the brush, the chisel, the camera, the song.” — The Muse Dialogue

Charles B. Rodning