Muhahahahahahaha! Maybe it was because it was a Friday or maybe it was because the weather was perfect, but whatever the reason All Hallow’s Eve was off the hook this year. I swear I don’t think I have seen so many creative costumes in these parts.
So let’s get to all of the trickery and “treatery” of the evening!

Slash and the Callaghan’s Costume Dance-off

Callaghan’s had a packed house for popular Nashville band Los Colognes on Halloween night. Though not really known for their costume contests, the Irish social club in the Oakleigh Garden District had some pretty strong contenders for the male and female prizes of Callaghan’s gift cards. Can anyone say “Free Bar Tab?” The powers-that-be decided to let the band select the winners.

The male prize was a no-brainer. A man dressed as Guns N Roses’ Slash showed up and even played a song with the band, like for real played. He looked so much like him, it would have been hard to tell the real one apart from the Callaghans’ one. Thankfully, he was sans boa constrictor.

The ladies contest proved to be a bit more difficult, as two fairy tale princesses vied for the title. One was dressed as Snow White and the other Princess Buttercup from “The Princess Bride.” The guys from Los Colognes had such a difficult time picking between the two, they challenged the ladies to a dance off.

Buttercup easily bested Snow White and took home the coveted gift card. Perhaps the dwarves can help Miss White with her moves before next year.

The Circus to Hell Party in the OGD

At a private party a few blocks over from Callaghan’s, my spies tell me there were some of the freakiest costumes and decorations they have ever seen. And I get why. It was a haunted circus themed fete and many of the hosts were dressed as scary clowns and ringmasters.

Clowns scare The Boozester in broad daylight at children’s birthday parties! Hello John Wayne Gacy. So clowns at night on Halloween trying to be scary? Yikes! I hear their makeup looked absolutely incredible.


Also spotted at this party, Joe Cain and his Merry Widows and Mistresses, a Wonderbread man, Minnie Mouse, an adult man dressed as a Ninja Turtle, Mario from Super Mario Brothers, an Ebola Nurse (gotta love a good current events costume), Penguins and the Joker, among many other fabulously over-the-top ghouls and goblins.

Later I am told “Joe Cain and his ladies” took over B-Bob’s.

Is that your spout or are you just happy to see me?

It seemed there was a bit of a trend for men to wear costumes that involved spouts or as some folks say, spigots, where their wees wees are. There were several boxes of wine with penis spouts and at least one Breathalyzer with “Blow Here” written above “the Johnson area.” Boys, boys, boys.

I don’t know about the Breathalyzers, but I find those spouts on the wine boxes to be a little leaky. Let’s hope that didn’t happen with the costumes.


Hot Crazy Matrix Guy at The Garage

When I was first told the best costume spotted at The Garage was “The Hot-Crazy Matrix Guy,” I was like, “The who?”
Apparently, I was the only one to miss this YouTube sensation, but after I found the video, I get why. It is hysterically funny … because it’s true. You must watch it.

Well kids, that’s all I’ve got this time. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ freaky clown lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!