The Easter bunny has headed back to wherever he lives when not out delivering baskets, and all of our area spring breaks are coming to an end, so that only means one thing. We are about to enter that last little stretch on the calendar where every weekend is crammed with events between now and Memorial Day weekend.

We’ve got JazzFest, Casino Night, Mother’s Day concerts, Hangout Fest, block parties and so on and so forth.

Though Easter weekend was a little quiet, I was still able to dig up a little dirt for you. So polish off your last Peep along with this tasty dish.

Fred is not dead

Rumors that City Councilman Fred Richardson had died started making the rounds Thursday afternoon. Talk show hosts were even getting calls from listeners claiming Mobile’s most polarizing politico had bitten the dust.

We started getting text messages asking if the councilman responsible for the “MoonPie over Mobile” had passed on to the great moonpie in the sky. I meant that as a euphemism for heaven, but in this case, since we actually do have a great moonpie in the sky, I guess I should clarify. When one Lagniapper contacted one of a Stimpson staffers about the rumor Thursday evening, we were told, “Well he was definitely alive at lunch.”

Apparently the Easter weekend rumors kept coming because Councilman Richardson said he woke up to phone calls on Saturday morning asking him if he was dead. And he received close to 30 calls. Later he said he went to a funeral and the preacher even said, “Fred’s not dead.”

At the Tuesday, April 22 council meeting Richardson said he had finally found out the death of another Fred Richardson had caused all of the confusion. We should have known that time’s never up for a guy who wears two watches. Glad he’s OK.

Opulence doesn’t extend off the island

So it seems the owner of one of the most extravagant and opulent homes on Ono Island may be throwing some money around on his ornate home, but not to the bartenders and servers in the OB. Apparently, Mr. Money Bags tips the exact same thing no matter what his tab ends up being – FIVE DOLLARS! The Boozester says it’s time for the auto-grat.

Who needs a microchip?

It seems one WeMo pet owner may have been fresh out of poster board or even an old box when he/she lost two Min Pins, Rio and Rowdy. Though the “sign” was a little unusual as it came in the form of what appeared to be an old sweat shirt, it certainly did catch the attention of all those traveling on Hwy. 90 and Azalea, near Old Time Pottery. One Boozie spy captured this and sent it in. We certainly hope Rio and Rowdy made their way back home.


16 candles, plus 34 more

The Boozester wants to extend a very happy and slightly belated birthday to Heroes and Royal Scam owner David Rasp, who celebrated his 30th birthday last week. He has accomplished so much in his short time on this planet.


Congrats to Callaghans co-owner Richie Sherer on his wife Lara, who tied the knot on the Cayman Islands last week. We wish all the best to the happy couple! And hope to see them sporting their Callaghan’s T-shirts/wedding attire on the wall soon.

Stork report

Congrats to local musician Ryan Balthrop and better half Kelli Ferguson on the birth of their first child, a son, Rylan Finn, on April 21. We can’t wait to see him jamming out with his pops in a year or two or OK, maybe 10.

Well kids, that’s all I got for now. With all the events on tap for the next few weeks, Boozie’s gossip cup should overfloweth. But until we meet back here again at the same time on the same page, just remember whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or some plain ol’ five dollar tip lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!