Birthday candles are being blown out, wedding bells are ringing and a Mobile girl makes an appearance on national television. It’s been a pretty fun week. So who am I to stop the fun? Let’s get this party started.

Mobile belle enters the mix

The second episode of “Jersey Belle” aired on Bravo Monday, Aug. 11 and offered the first real glimpse of Mobile native and St. Paul alum Scarlett Coggin Simmons. Smart, sweet and comfortable in her own skin, she did the Port City proud, y’all.

The show revolves around New Jersey native and publicist to the stars, Jaime Primak Sullivan, who fell in love with a Mountain Brook man and moved her business down to Alabama. She now has three kids and a bunch of Southern girlfriends who try to give her the scoop on the ways of Southern women, while she “outrages” with them with stereotypical Jersey crassness.

But it’s pretty damn funny. In the first episode they are at a bridal tea for a girl marrying Mountain Brook royalty, and they were supposed to write a little piece of advice for the bride in a dainty little book. I know you lady folks around here have all had to do this at both wedding and baby showers. Sullivan joked she was going to write, “work on your gag reflex” in it.

I had already started rolling my eyes about this show even before the first episode aired, anticipating it just to be a constant exchange of stereotypes — (Snooki meets Scarlett O’Hara) and of course there is some of that.

Sulllivan particularly likes to make fun of Southern women’s need to monogram everything, joking they’d probably put their initials on panty liners. I know a few women who have probably come close. (Ball caps, jackets, Tervis tumblers, soap, wine bags, reusable grocery bags, towels, notebooks, crystal, earrings, necklaces, rings. Yep, not quite to panty liners yet, but getting pretty close.)

But I have actually been surprised with how many layers you have been able to see with most of these women in these first two episodes as they deal with divorce and single parenting and infertility. On the surface it seems about as “real” as reality TV can get. Although I’m sure some Mountain Brook socialites who find it offensive would certainly beg to differ. It’s not the hair-pulling, chair-throwing crap you see in the “Real Housewives” franchise.

If anyone or anything looks terrible in it, it’s Mountain Brook itself and the chick who proudly claims she is marrying into it like it is an accomplishment equal to curing cancer. But the “Tiny Kingdom,” as they call it (yuck!) comes off as an uber-pretentious, whitey-white, snobby and just horrible place to live – well if you are not already a part of it or not able to “marry into it.” Not really sure if that was an intentional choice or not.

But we’ve always known we are way more relaxed and less backstabby and snobby in good ol’ Mobile. For the most part, anyway. Watching this show actually just makes me love Mobile more. Scarlett needs to bring her friends down to Mardi Gras next season. Now that would be good TV!

“Jersey Belle” airs every Monday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

HBD in the OGD

In Oakleigh last Friday night I hear there was a swank fete at the home of David and Michon Trent to celebrate her birthday. Not sure which one it was, but she looks 35, so we’ll go with that. 

Many of Oakleigh’s most interesting people where there and the band busted out many a Journey hit for the Steve Perry-loving Ms. Trent. The entire party filled the rain-soaked back yard to dance and sing “Don’t Stop Believing.” 

Boozie almost felt like she was back in high school. Um, I mean elementary school. 

One gentleman spent a good bit of his time using his balloon-twisting skills to craft “hats” for fellow party goers. According to the balloon artist, the hats represented certain parts of the male anatomy. They just looked like balloons to Boozie, then again I have a tough time with Picasso too. 

The Trents’ parties are legendary already, but this one set a new standard. Happy Birthday to one cool lady. 

A city councilor’s gaffe

A couple of weeks ago, District 1 City Councilman Fred Richardson apparently became confused as a group of students were presented before the council meeting.

The students, most of whom were Caucasian, one of Chinese heritage and two of Indian heritage I’m told, were there because they were going to visit Ichihara, Mobile’s Japanese sister city. But the well-traveled Richardson obviously thought the group was from Japan and took that as an opportunity say “konichiwa” and tell them how well he knows their mayor.

Richardson’s statement apparently drew stunned silence until Mayor Stimpson advised him that the students actually were from Mobile and were heading to Japan for a visit.

Fred didn’t have much to say to that, although Boozie wonders if he at least thought about joining them on the trip.

Wedding Bells

Congrats to local musician Ryan Balthrop and his bride Kelli who made it official during an intimate beach ceremony last weekend. The two recently welcomed a son, Rylan Finn. All the best to the happy family!

Well kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ trash TV lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!