Noah Guthrie’s career has skyrocketed since his rendition of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” went viral on YouTube.

Band: Noah Guthrie
Date: Friday, April 13, 9 p.m.
Venue: Soul Kitchen, 219 Dauphin St.,

When Noah Guthrie makes his SouthSounds debut, the crowd will no doubt be taken by his passion. Before entering his teens, the death of his grandfather led him to pen his first song. Guthrie says the experience was natural, serving as a curative form of expression instilled further in ensuing years.

“You start working through your hormones and all that fun stuff and trying to figure out how to get your own voice out there, and I found that in songwriting,” Guthrie said. “I fell in love with songwriting when I got to high school, and it just blossomed from there.”

Guthrie’s first career boost came from his take on LMFAO’s high-energy dance anthem, “Sexy and I Know It.” Armed with his acoustic, Guthrie reshaped the song into a slow-groove, blue-eyed soul ballad that could melt the coldest heart. He admits it was an act of spontaneous desperation.


Attempting to create a viral video, Guthrie kept a strict release schedule, though he was “a few weeks” behind on its release. As he experimented with blues riffs, Guthrie began to jokingly insert hooks from “Sexy and I Know It” and decided to move forward.

“I did it, and it was a one-take video,” Guthrie says. “I posted it and went to sleep. The next day, it was blowing up. You never know what it’s gonna be, but it was that one. It did a lot of awesome things for me.”

As he began touring and releasing original material, Guthrie’s career got a second boost through another unexpected source. Casting agents for the FOX television show “Glee” were among the thousands who had viewed Guthrie’s online videos, offering him the role of a “shy, chubby guy who sounds like Otis Redding” named Roderick. Guthrie submitted a self-taped audition that led to an in-person audition with writer/producer Ryan Murphy. Afterward, the singer-songwriter found himself living in Los Angeles with an acting role on a prime-time show.

“[‘Glee’] came about very much out of the blue,” Guthrie said. “I’d been touring and doing my own thing. I didn’t wanna act or anything. It wasn’t on my radar.”

Guthrie comes to the Azalea City with music from his sophomore full-length, “The Valley,” which he produced with his brother, Ian. Since Ian had been by his side throughout his musical endeavors, he felt his brother would be the best adviser for this album.

“The Valley” demonstrates Guthrie’s growth as a both a musician and a songwriter. His debut album “Among the Wildest Things” featured more of an indie rock sound. “The Valley” is Guthrie’s first journey into the world of alt. country but maintains his trademark soul vocals throughout these rocking ballads.

“I’ve always had a tendency to write more sad or moody songs,” Guthrie said. “I started listening to that kind of music and found myself in it and wanted to explore it. I love it. I think it’s a fun mix of genres to be in.”