October started off with a bang! With the influx of fall events, your ol’ Boozester here can barely keep up. And it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down anytime soon, so just go ahead and prepare yourselves … and your livers. We have a long road ahead.

Prancing affair
American Cancer Society’s Vintage Affair is a gala like no other. This past Thursday night the Cruise Terminal was transformed into a beautiful venue for the event. We hear the flowers by Ryan Dunagan of Ryan’s Studio were perfection. Red or White provided the wine and Swing Mobile treated the crowd to their smooth sounds as everyone bid on some fabulous silent auction items.

When the night started winding down, it was time for the Late Night Party on the roof of the Cruise Terminal, where the real fun started. This late night party was more Boozie’s scene, with chicken fingers from PDQ, more tasty cocktails and a surprise performance from none other than The Prancing Elites.

The dance group’s first performance drew a huge crowd, and maybe it was a little intimidating. My spies said their dance seemed a little off, as they were all kind of looking around at each other for the next move. And they had a crew with them filming for the second season of their reality show on the Oxygen Network, so maybe they were just a bit nervous. But I’m told by the time they did their second dance, they were back on top of their sequin-clad game.

People seemed to really enjoy the evening and the surprise performance. Can’t wait to see it on the small screen when the new season of the “Prancing Elite Project” airs.

1065 a hit!
Ten Sixty Five stepped up when BayFest stepped down, and Boozie hears it was quite the weekend, with thousands coming downtown to hear George Clinton, Wet Willie, Three Days Grace, Sublime and others.

It seems George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic elected some new members, because he had so many folks on stage with him Friday night it was hard to tell if it was a band playing or just a big party! Maybe it was both!

We hear the hard rock line-up brought out a younger crowd Saturday night, leading one bar manager to quip, “Friday and Saturday nights’ crowds looked totally different, but they all liked to drink beer, so I don’t care.”

We hear Wet Willie put on one heck of a show and even Mayor Sandy Stimpson was seen rocking out to them. And Sublime followed up with an exciting show, although a bit racier, with lots of fragrant scents floating through the air, if you know what I mean.

And at least one party-goer literally “got high” during the stoner anthem “Smoke Two Joints,” scaling a 40-foot sycamore tree at the corner of Springhill and Washington avenues and rocking it back and forth in sync with the rhythm. Officers with the Mobile Fire Department weren’t amused though, and politely asked the daredevil to descend.

The crowd must have been enjoying the jams and/or “scents” because one guy decided to crowd surf. Boozie is wondering if he told anyone “Caress Me Down” as he was being passed along.

We also hear Dauphin Street Sound was the place to be after the fest. We hear more than a few band members were seen playing ping pong there, and Richard Tyson, star of “Two Moon Junction,” “Kindergarten Cop” and the Mobile County Animal Shelter ads, was spotted there as well. Boozie does love some “Two Moon Junction!” RRRRROOOOWWWW!

We heard only positive things about Ten Sixty Five. People seemed to really like that you were free to roam and that you could get beers from a bar and eat good food, not saying chicken on a stick and funnel cakes are bad but it is hard to beat the delicious fare from our local downtown restaurants. Boozie can’t wait for next year!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Elite lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!