For several years, Alabama Music Box has served as the epicenter for the Mobile underground scene. This LoDa music venue specialized in bringing a plethora of musical acts that avoided the mainstream at all costs. However, the venue was plagued by a number of obstacles throughout their existence at 455 Dauphin St.

In 2011, several of the venue’s neighbors brought a lawsuit against Alabama Music Box over the volume of noise coming from the building. This resulted in a judgment that would force the owners and their landlord (Diggler LLC) to hire a soundproofing expert to assess the building’s noise capacity in order to ultimately quiet the building. Afterwards, Diggler LLC made the decision to evict Alabama Music Box from the Dauphin Street location, though the venue continued to occupy the address and hold shows.

On April 30, social media was abuzz with posts and pictures that Alabama Music Box was in the process of vacating 455 Dauphin St. Does this mean the end of Alabama Music Box? At this time, it is anyone’s guess.

Since the beginning of their legal fight, Alabama Music Box has maintained that there have been plans to relocate the business to a new address. However, they have kept this new location a closely guarded secret. Until this secret location is revealed, the future of Alabama Music Box is unknown, and all scheduled shows have been moved to Alchemy Tavern at 7 S. Joachim St.

Spanning the world for music

Two musically minded people from the Mobile Bay area have been representing the Gulf Coast all over the globe. Many have experienced the music of singer/songwriter/guitarist Guthrie Trapp from his appearances at The Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm and The Flora-Bama.

Throughout his career, he has exhibited a passion for all styles of music. Trapp’s career relocated him to Nashville, but he still makes regular trips to the area to play for a multitude of local fans.

Trapp’s career just got a healthy boost, thanks to Rolling Stone. This iconic music magazine recently featured Trapp in their “Young Guns” spotlight on its website. The article praises Trapp as “Nashville’s secret six-string weapon.” Trapp goes on to reveal his local roots and what it was like for him as a musician coming up on the Gulf Coast.

Trapp’s show itinerary has this talented musician playing from Long Island to Key West. However, he will return to the Gulf Coast for a show at Pirate’s Cove in Josephine with some of the good people from Sugarcane Jane under the name Willie Sugartrapp.

Mobile’s Kristin Kilborn has also been representing the Azalea City in the “Caribbean Got Talent” competition. This vocalist surpassed her fellow competitors at a finalist audition in St. Thomas, where she currently lives.

“Caribbean Got Talent” is dedicated to “discovering the next singing superstar” and Kilborn wowed her audience with an acapella rendition of “I Put a Spell on You.” Next, Kilborn will enter the finals of the competition, which will be held later this year in Miami and St. Croix.