The GAF Materials Corporation plant on Emogene Street in midtown will be shuttered by August 2019, a company spokesman confirmed today.

The roofing shingles manufacturer will move its Mobile production to a pre-existing facility in Savannah, Georgia, Chief Communications Officer Andy Hilton said. Some of the plant’s 61 employees are expected to get opportunities to move although, some capacity will be absorbed by employees already in Georgia, Hilton said.

“The decision to cease operations at the Mobile plant was not one we came to quickly or lightly,” a company statement read. “We’ve been an active and productive member of the Mobile community for more than 90 years and have always taken pride in our role in the community.”

The manufacturer is the subject of a lawsuit claiming its “noxious odors” have a negative impact on residents in surrounding neighborhoods. A complaint, filed this summer on behalf of a number of Midtown residents claims the plant produces odors that “indecent and offensive to the senses and obstruct the free use of their property.”

Hilton said the lawsuit had nothing to do with the company’s decision to close the plant. Manufacturing will stop in April and remaining shipments will cease sometime in early August of next year, Hilton said.