Mobile City Councilman Fred Richardson said it must’ve been 10 degrees with 30 mile-per-hour winds when the city first attempted the MoonPie drop on New Year’s Eve 10 years ago.

That’s when a much smaller electric confection was dropped from a crane on a barge in the middle of the Mobile River, he said. It only made it halfway because of the blustery conditions.

He needed 5,000 people in attendance to make the first event successful, and according to Richardson, they tripled that goal right of the gate.

To celebrate the event’s 10-year anniversary, Events Mobile announced Tuesday that George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic would be performing this year on New Year’s Eve with an opening performance by country music duo, The Springs.

Richardson said the goal this year is to attract 63,000 visitors to downtown, and he’s confident the group can reach that goal, provided the weather holds up.

“We don’t want any rain; we don’t want any fog,” he said. “We want a day like this, and if we do, we’ll have 63,000.”

New to the event this year is a biergarten, which will be set up in Bienville Square, Events Mobile Vice-Chairman Carol Hunter said. In addition, Chattanooga bakery, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, will bring a recreational vehicle full of MoonPies to the event. The treats will be tossed out during the event’s second line parade. This year’s MoonPie over Mobile will also feature a giant, edible of its namesake treat, which will be sliced to kick-off the festivities.

“Downtown Mobile is going to be the place to be this New Year’s Eve,” Events Mobile President Kesshia Davis said. “Last year an estimated 50,000 people attended MoonPie Over Mobile, and we expect the streets to be filled again.”