Each year, Mobile’s Mardi Gras season is calmed by Lent. But the denizens of the Azalea City make an exception for St. Patrick’s Day. Callaghan’s Irish Social Club’s St. Patrick’s Day Block Party has become a legendary event. The celebration is so big that it spills freely into neighboring streets. Thousands of green-clad revelers swill beer and dance to the sounds of some of the venue’s favorite bands. With another lineup of excellent entertainment, Mobile’s oldest Irish pub will not disappoint it faithful patrons this year A Drunker Shade of Green will return to Callaghan’s for this incarnation. The acoustic-powered three-piece will deal out a set of traditional Irish songs and a few favorites that should have the crowd singing along with the band.
Callaghan’s will bring some of the Crescent City’s newest funk sounds with a performance from Naughty Professor, a band that delivers funk at light speed with bright horns and intricate bass lines.

Cardinal Sons will also return to the OGD for the St. Paddy’s festivities. This band has quickly become a Callaghan’s favorite and feature bring tracks from their EP “The Echo Choir.”

When Kansas Bible Company made their debut at Callaghan’s, they instantly won over locals with their mix of horns, rock and party vibes. This large communal of Nashville musicians will have everyone in the crowd moving and grooving to their memorable set.

Callaghan’s St. Patrick’s Day Block Party
Date: Saturday, March 14 at 1 p.m.
Venue: Callaghan’s Irish Social Club, 916 Charleston St.,
Tickets: Free