It has been some time since Particle has visited the Azalea City, but they are no strangers to Soul Kitchen and this show is sure to bring their loyal fan base, known as Particle people, to LoDa.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Particle incorporates electronic dance music (EDM) elements into rock and jam, creating a genre they like to call “livetronica.” The collective of talented musicians combined this versatile style with live performances that can sometimes last well beyond the typical two-to three-hour contractual sets.Particle

With just three studio albums in their repertoire, Particle’s fans are perpetually starving for new material from the band. Always on the cutting edge, the band is following the example of many modern bands and steadily releasing new studio tracks. The latest pair is “Die Rotte Kapelle (The Red Orchestra)” and “I’m Awake.”

“Die Rotte Kapelle (The Red Orchestra)” plunges the listener into an electronic world before being lifted by a perfect wah-accented guitar. “I’m Awake” is a grooving electric jam that begs its listener to dance. Local Particle People should rest their feet before this show, because they will be dancing all night.

Date: Friday, May 1 with doors at 9:30 p.m.
Venue: Soul Kitchen, 219 Dauphin St.,
Tickets: $12 advance/$15 day-of available at Soul Kitchen, their website or by calling 1-866-468-7630