While your favorite newspaper isn’t ready to start a home delivery service, one local businessman has decided getting Lagniappe to people’s front doors will help his neighborhood.

Taylor Atchison approached us with an idea a few months ago that once we went weekly he and some friends wanted to deliver it to homes in the Oakleigh Garden District where he lives. Atchison is on the Oakleigh Venture Revolving Fund, and as such is always trying to find ways to keep the neighborhood moving in the right direction. He said he thought delivering Lagniappe to 750 houses in Oakleigh is something he believed would not only help residents already living there, but might also serve to bring others to the neighborhood.

“I live in Oakleigh and enjoy the way of life it provides, which by modern building codes is illegal. The car was invented and traditional mixed-use neighborhoods with small scale streets were lost. Luckily in Oakleigh a few businesses survived. Within Oakleigh there is a coffee shop, a pub, a white tablecloth restaurant and an art gallery,” he explained. “Furthermore, within several street blocks is Mobile’s local newspaper, Lagniappe.”

Atchison hopes a flier he will place with the papers will help advertise what’s going on in those Oakleigh businesses and maybe even help bring more.

“This is important to me because I would like to see a few more businesses open in Oakleigh. Maybe a traditional neighborhood grocery or some low-impact office/studio space. Marketing is an important element of the future revitalization of Oakleigh and The Oakleigh Bicycle Delivery Service is a cool way to achieve it,” he said.

The delivery service starts this issue and Atchison is committed to doing it for four weeks and then evaluating how it’s working. His plan is to bag the papers Wednesday nights. He and his roommates Addison McDaniel and Matt Zarzour will help deliver.

We at Lagniappe appreciate Taylor’s efforts to help Oakleigh and maybe also introduce the paper to some people who may otherwise not have seen it.

As this is not part of our official delivery schedule, anyone who has questions or comments about the delivery may contact Taylor at 501-4532.

Who knows where things will lead?

Channel 5 takes regional Murrow Award

The folks at WKRG are celebrating a pretty impressive award.

The WKRG News Team took home a prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award recently for their coverage of the Carnival Cruise Ship’s arrival in Mobile last year.

The WKRG News Team took home a prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award recently for their coverage of the Carnival Cruise Ship’s arrival in Mobile last year.

On April 22, the WKRG news team won a regional Edward R. Murrow Award for “Best Newscast” from the Radio and Television Digital News Directors Association. The award was for “Best Newscast,” and that was in the small market category for all of Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

News Director Mike Rausch said the award was based upon the station’s coverage of the Carnival Cruise Ship Triumph last year when it was pulled into Mobile after several days adrift without power. The story was a big one both locally and nationally.

“This award is a real testament to the awesome team of journalists we have here at News 5, both on-air and behind-the-scenes,” Rausch said.

WKRG’s winning entry will now move forward to the national competition.

Local15 Hanging

Things are going to get a little more rockin’ over at WPMI in May as the station and its sister, UTV44 have partnered with WZEW-FM and the Hangout Music Festival.

The big beach bash, heading into its fourth year May 16-18, features some of the hottest acts in music, and Local15’s News Director Bob Noonan says the partnership will give the stations an opportunity to turn viewers on to some of those acts.

“With 92Zew, we will have exclusive backstage access to the bands. We will record behind-the-scenes acoustic sets by many of the bands once they finish their on-stage performances and we will post to our web. MTV is also sharing its live feed for use on our website,” Noonan said.

So if you can’t roll around in the sand watching it live, this might be the next best thing.