Well, well, we made it through another holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. I mean, I’ve never done a DNA test but every year around March 17, I am as Irish as they come and celebrate like any good Irish woman would! Well, maybe not like any Irish would because unlike some of you crazy kids, I couldn’t be at O’Daly’s at 6 a.m. Friday morning. Now that I’m getting on up there in age I can’t drink that long. But like Callaghan’s says, you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning! One Irish Car Bomb and a side of Boozie, cheers!

I want da gold! Gimme da gold!
First thing is, did anyone ever find the gold from the Crichton Leprechaun? If not, I am kinda thinking about starting a search for it. Every year the Crichton Leprechaun gets brought up and I like to remind all the people who laugh that they are welcome for the first “trending” video. I mean, that thing is gold itself.

Anyway, O’Daly’s started out St. Patrick’s Day for Mobile bright and early and carried on through the night, along with Callaghan’s and Lucky’s Irish Pub. While Boozie had to work, I hear the party started on time, and nothing says good morning like Jameson and coffee.

Saturday morning, aka St. Paddy’s round 2, O’Daly’s was back at it with their annual Green Dress Run. While I don’t like to get up early — or run, for that matter — if I was going to do a run this might be the one. My spy said a few people ran while pulling an ice chest and wagon with coolers, while others ran with beers and green bushwackers! See where I am going with this? My spy said the people-watching is also great! She said she had two favorite costumes. One was a lady on a leprechaun’s shoulders, maybe not a real leprechaun, but still it was fun! Her second fave was the guy dressed as a Ninja Turtle. We’re talking green painted arms, head and face and equipped with a sword.

While the Green Dress Run was going on I was just waking up to begin preparing for my day at Callaghan’s. I felt like I was running a little behind but by the time we arrived the party was just getting started!

Boozie’s favorite things of the day were Robby Amonett painting the crowd from the roof of Callaghan’s. I’m going to assume one of the people with a white shirt on in the painting is me! Then it was also super cool when the Coast Guard helicopter flew over. Of course the bands, beer and burgers were great too! Oh, and I can’t forget about the cute little, maybe 3-ish-year-old boy picking up trash. He was working hard to Keep Mobile Beautiful!

While on the subject of Callaghan’s, I can’t forget to let y’all know of a pretty amazing award our favorite OGD pub picked up last week. I mean, it is a pretty freaking big deal! Callaghan’s Irish Social Club was named Southern Living magazine’s Best Bar in the South!!! Damnnnnn, I told y’all it was a big deal!

First of all, that’s huge for Mobile — we beat out some pretty stiff competition city wise, think Charleston, New Orleans, Savannah, Nashville, etc. I guess that’s why Callaghan’s has won all of the Nappie Awards for Best All Around Bar. If Mobilians see it as the best bar, why not the rest of the South? And in second place was the Flora-Bama! I’d say we know how to party! Congrats to both bars for placing. Boozie loves you and apparently so do some others!

Crazy Cajun
The second annual Cajun Cook-Off took over downtown Mobile last Saturday afternoon. My spy said the crowd was huge this year but lines still moved quickly. They also said The Garage and Brickyard were definite favorites, with lines that ran all over the square. But there were no disappointments. It was hard to just make a decision as to what you wanted to eat. And of course Stereo Dogs rocked the crowd, along with Harrison McInnis, Ryan Balthrop, John Milham, Jon Cook and Marc Hendrix.

Oh, we can’t leave off how lots of people were mesmerized by the guy who showed up on spring legs and bounced all over the square and up and down Dauphin Street. Boozie’s spy kept waiting (OK, kind of hoping) for a major crash, but it never happened.

New Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall was spotted dining at The Noble South Friday night. He was probably dying to get out of Montgomery for a night. Can you blame him?

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ chili lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!