Who invented the five-day work week? Why can’t every week be just four days of work and three days of play? Can you imagine all the fun I would have if every weekend were three days? Think of all the gossip I would have, too! Three days to really misbehave, an extra day to be hungover, but also an extra day for moral hangovers. Sign me up!

Whoever is the next president will be getting a request from me to change our ways. Shoot, people might be a little nicer to each other if we had an extra day to relax. So until my new law is on the books, kick back and relax with this week’s short-but-sweet gossip!

Hide your crazy
Country favorite Miranda Lambert put on quite the show at The Wharf this past Friday night, according to my spies. Boozie was told Miranda was amazing, and she really rocked it. And apparently looked smoking hot while doing so.

Boozie thinks out of all the female country performers I would get along best with Miranda. I mean, hello, she has a song that says “I heard Jesus drank wine … I bet we would get along fine.” Well, Miranda, here is my version for you: “I heard you drink wine and are a bada** … I bet we would get along just fine.” (OK, OK, I’ll keep my day job and leave the songwriting to Miranda.) #girlpower

Fire in the hole
Last week I reported a little about the McGill/Murphy football game that took place the preceding Friday night. Remember, all the drama with the cannon and kids getting peppered-sprayed? Yeah, well, the drama is still going on even though the cannon has been returned to its beautiful black self.

Well, I am going to stay away from the finger pointing and blame game and bring your attention to this side of the story. Someone painted over the bright orange with … navy blue paint! Who would do much a thing, you ask? If you are thinking Murphy, you are wrong. If you were thinking South, ding ding, you’re the winner!

At some point the cannon received a coat of navy blue paint along with the score of the South/Mississippi State game and “go Jags.” Boozie admires the humor of it and couldn’t be more proud of South winning, although I hate the Jackets didn’t get to enjoy the orange cannon a little bit longer, especially since there were eyeball injuries involved. I tell you, if all of this local sports domination continues, I think we are going to need a few more cannons.

(Photo | Boozie Spy) The cannon at the Loop has undergone multiple rounds of painting and photo editing.

(Photo | Boozie Spy) The cannon at the Loop has undergone multiple rounds of painting and photo editing.

Of course, where there is drama there is a meme to follow to lighten the mood. Boozie must admit she laughed way too long at this picture. Someone, somewhere took a picture of the cannon and Photoshopped spray-painted on its side the words “#Catholic eyes matter.” It doesn’t get much better than that. A stroke of genius if you ask me. Whoever made this deserves a splash of holy water or whatever those Catholic folks do.

Pants or no pants?
Watch out! Here come the po-po! So maybe not the real police but the fashion police. Don’t worry, girls in white, you are safe. I mean, no white after Labor Day is a dumb rule for us Southern Belles. I tried to pretend it was fall with my wardrobe this past weekend and I almost had a heat stroke. So until it cools off, I’ll be rocking my white jeans in this 100-degree heat.

Moving on the reason the fashion police were called: nude pants. A select few can really pull them off, the rest don’t have a shot. Kinda like the girl my spy spotted. So my spy is out doing a little shopping when she does a triple take. Is that girl wearing pants or running around pantless? Turns out she was wearing flesh-colored leggings. We all know leggings aren’t forgiving so just imagine nude leggings. Yikes. Seeing every detail of her front and back was not what my spy had in mind for a nice afternoon. I still can’t get the images out of my head. So girls, do me a favor, don’t wear nude leggings.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ painted cannon lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!