Concerning your “The woman who took down the ‘throne’” article, I would like to make what I think is a pertinent historical point.

Robert Bentley would have never been governor if the AEA had not told all its members not to vote in the Democratic primary but in the Republican primary when Bentley was running against Bradley Byrne. The AEA hated Mr. Byrne for his work cleaning up the corruption (legislators making ~$100K per year and not really doing anything!) associated with the state Community College system. This cost Byrne the primary.

This entire fiasco would not have happened with a closed primary system in this state. I think Bradley would have made Alabama a tremendous governor and one day in the future he may get another chance.

While not a fan of using the power of your office to cover up an affair (can you remember Bill Clinton?), it is not nearly as bad as Obama using the IRS. Now, that should be criminal.

Greg Breland

P.S. Please tell the Zodiac Guy I love his work, it makes me chuckle every week.