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You can own this hot new ride for just $7500. Low mileage!

It’s been quite a week!

Hurricane-like thunderstorms, reunions, albino squirrels and more. You know, just another atypical, typical week along the Gulf Coast. And of course, the spies and I have been out and about gathering up all the scoop, just for you, my little gossip-hungry fiends. We don’t want you to have to get out in this weather. Because we love you so much! Muah!

So go ahead and dig on into this page to satisfy your cravings. We wouldn’t want you getting hangry or anything!

The goat was there!

According to organizers, the Judge Roy Bean Reunion at City Hall in Daphne on Saturday, June 9, was a “smashing success.”

The reunion brought patrons of the beloved bar back together for the first time since a devastating fire forced its closure in 2005. And this shindig benefited very worthy causes, Pilots for Christ and Anchor Cross. We’re told over a thousand folks showed up throughout the day to hear music by Red Clay Strays, Robert Sully, Buzz Carpenter, Ryan Balthrop and Molly Thomas, and the Locust Fork Band, who played regularly at the establishment.

The famous goat made an appearance, though my spies were not sure if it was the actual one who used to inhabit the bar or just a stand-in. But who cares?!?! A goat at a party is always a good time!

They said one of the coolest things they had at the party was a setup of one of the iconic wooden Judge’s booths. Many took photos while sitting in it, their butts no doubt experiencing some sort of sensory memory sensations.

The food was tasty as well, with Dew Drop dogs, the Bacon My Day food truck and tasty vittles by Southwood Kitchen, among others. We’re told the auction items brought in a lot of money for these great charities, including a vintage Judge’s poster signed by John Prine that brought in around $1,000 and a “Don’t Make Billy Mad” window painted by the multi-talented Ryan Balthrop, which raked in around $700.

Sounds like a fabulous time. I’m just upset none of the spies brought me back one the cool T-shirts. You guys are good for nothing! Well, I mean, aside from the gossip.

Snow Cain makes another appearance

Spring Hill may have a peacock and Crichton may have a leprechaun, but LoDa has its very own mysterious creature/mascot, a very rare albino squirrel. And in this case, it’s real!

The white squirrel, named Snow Cain by our readers in a contest earlier this year, has been seen at Spanish Plaza and across from Moe’s BBQ in Ryan Park for months now.

He made another appearance on Tuesday, June 12, in the parking lot of Lagniappe World Headquarters near The Garage.

We’re glad to know he is still alive and kicking, as white squirrels are more likely to be gobbled up by prey since they’re more visible. Long live Snow Cain!

Looking for a hot new ride?

An ad on Mobile’s Craigslist this past week featured a real-life, honest-to-goodness fire truck for sale for only $7,500.

The ad gave a few more details:

“This vehicle was a Manhattan service vehicle and a 9/11 responder truck. Caterpillar turbo diesel engine and Allison transmission with only 20,000 original miles. Vehicle runs and drives great.”

Apparently it was used as an advertising vehicle, quite literally, and the company no longer needs it.

Is it legal for a regular person, say a gossip columnist, to drive a fire truck? Just wonderin’. Kind of seems like a bad idea, though it would be fun. So many hose jokes to be had!

Well kids, that’s all I have this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ Snow Cain lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!