Band: Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet
Date: Saturday, Nov. 21 at 7 p.m.
Venue: Manci’s Antique Club, 1715 Main St. (Daphne),
Tickets: Free

Photo/ | Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet

Photo/ | Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet

The Mobile area has been sampling musical remedies from members of Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet for some time. This group brings together bassist/vocalist Gabriel Willis (Off with the Pants, Emily Stuckey & Friends), guitarist/vocalist Mike Jernigan (Crucial Rhyme, One Day Away), guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Ault (Back Pew Riders, Less Than Stellar) and drummer/percussionist Ethan Snedigar (Johnny & the Love Seats, Jimmy Lumpkin Band).

The quartet has respective histories in a variety of genres and have combined their talents to create a new sound that’s been well-received. While this group covers a variety of crowd favorites, Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet’s repertoire also includes a lineup of original songs.

Using a clean foundation of electric guitar for many of their original works, the trio delves into a variety of sonic emotions. “Big Airplane” is measure after measure of laid-back funk grooves with a steady roll of doubled vocals. “Break Me” is a catchy tune sure to get listeners on their feet.

Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet takes things down with “World of Trouble.” This soulful tune keeps a smooth vibe while Willis and Jernigan croon through the verses. “Subtle Tease” is driven by an upbeat acoustic riff that is filled with Southern attitude. If this band maintains its positive momentum, the Azalea City should be seeing Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet’s first recorded effort very soon.