Well, we survived. Barely. I have never been so excited for Lent to come as I am this year. Mardi Gras is hard. Real, real hard. But I’ll stop whining and get to the good stuff. Here’s your Carnival Boozay. Dig on in!

Joe Cain cray cray
Joe Cain is the day we say sayonara to the “royalty” and let the people take over the streets of downtown Mobile. And this year’s parade was not without drama, as there were actually two Joe Cains in the parade, one dressed as Chief Slac. The other as Joseph Stillwell Cain. This caused quite a stir and happened because last year the marching group organizers wanted to start charging each person for parade insurance.

A group of folks within the group felt this was against the spirit of Joe Cain and broke off from them. They now have a fundraiser to cover the insurance so no one has to pay. I don’t think many of the parade-goers even noticed the New Cain though or just didn’t realize who he was, as the Chief Slac version is the most recognizable.

The Merry Widows and Mistresses, The Dauphin Street Drunks, Skeleton Crew, The Society of Bums and The Wild Mauvillians and Sqauw-villians took to the streets along with other independent marchers.

At the beginning of the parade, one of the independent marchers had a wagon full of throws. When he turned the corner the wagon fell over and emptied on the ground. Instead of putting it all back in the wagon, he picked it up and threw it all to the crowd, which got a big response.

Another marcher also got a lot of attention. A gentleman who was quite “healthy” marched shirtless. He had elaborate body paint on and written on his back was “Eat at Bob’s.” Now that is eye-catching advertising!

The Wild Mauvillians looked amazing as Mardi Gras Indians with their elaborate headdresses and face paint. Their party at Moe’s BBQ became the hottest ticket in town and sold out. The music by the Bay City Brass Band, Blow House Brass Band and Pine Hill Haints was perfect. After the parade, the new braves were initiated and became chiefs with names like Sugar Cube Disaster, Whiskey Teet and everyone’s favorite Chief Asparagus Piss.

Over in the OGD, Grayson Capps and the Jefferson Street Parade Band led a second line into Callaghan’s to an absolutely packed house. Good times were definitely had by all. One “lady” was having such a good time she came out of the bathroom with her belt open. Oops.

Without malice
The Comic Cowboys gave everyone a little preview of their floats at their barn party on Saturday, Feb. 7. Fred Richardson was the target of many, including one that read “The Village People brought to you by The Village Idiot,” a reference to the band playing at Councilman MoonPie’s New Years Eve Celebration and MoonPie Drop last year.

The Press-Register or as the Cowboys like to call them the “Cash Register” got a couple too, including one saying Mayor Stimpson’s war on litter could begin by people stopping home delivery of it. Even Lagniappe was mentioned in a very risqué sign. It read, what do Hallie Dixon’s male assistants and Lagniappe have in common. We can’t really put the punch line, but let’s just say it mentions our hideous pink boxes in a non-distribution-oriented way. Yikes!

The barn party was great, with chili dogs and tubs full of beer, one of which was knocked over at the end . Mayor Sandy Stimpson and Congressman Bradley Byrne were spotted, along with their lovely wives, as was FOX 10’s Bob Grip and FM Talk’s Wayne Gardner.

We will have some more Fat Tuesday gossip next issue, as the spies hadn’t sobered up enough to file reports yet. But just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Chief Whiskey Teet lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!