Rain, rain, stay away! Not sure if it’s just me or if everyone feels like they are in a daze and wondering where 2015 went. Between the rain, football games and ringing in the New Year, Boozie needs a break. It’s hard work keeping up with everything going on in the area, not to mention this “new year, new me” crap. Boozie has one New Year’s resolution and it’s to slim up. No worries y’all, I’m going to still be doing my thing, I’ll just be sipping vodka waters instead of slinging back beer, wine and whiskey. I hope your diet has you hungry, because I’m serving up some tasty gossip today!

Double vision at Nutcracker Ball
The Mobile Ballet hosted its 12th annual Nutcracker Charity Ball at the Convention Center on Tuesday, Dec. 29. Of course all the ladies looked fabulous as they were presented to society. And although the ladies were the highlight of the night, there were two other ladies capturing people’s attention. Stop where your mind is headed, this was a debutante ball, the ladies sharing the spotlight were the Chin Twins! Boozie’s spies were blowing up my phone letting me know who they just spotted.

While Boozie usually knows everything, I happened to miss who the Chin Twins were but quickly found out they are an Instagram (@chintwins) sensation! Kimmy and Crissy are Fairhope natives who are known for their beautiful yoga poses. While Kimmy still lives in Fairhope, her identical twin, Crissy, lives in New York City. Crissy is married to photographer Nigel Barker, and Boozie is guessing he’s the one who shoots the Chin Twins’ awesome pictures.

The Chin Twins took time to take pictures with fans and posted on Instagram that they were inspired by the ballerinas. Boozie is inspired by you, ladies — so inspired that I might give yoga a try.

Stars Fell on Alabama
While I’m on the topic of famous people, I’ll share with you who else one of my spies spotted. While enjoying some tasty treats at Warehouse Bakery and Donuts in Fairhope, my ESho secret agent spotted Jason Schwartzman. You might recognize Jason from his appearance on Bill Murray’s “A Very Murray Christmas” or in “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “Rushmore” or countless other films.

Boozie had hoped he was here filming a new movie, but if I had to guess I would say he was just in town visiting his wife Brady Cunningham’s family. Brady is from Daphne, and it’s the holidays, so it’s probably safe to say it was just a visit. But why not make it a working holiday next time, Jason? Wes Anderson would just love Bama and don’t you know we’re the Hollywood of the South now?!?!

The dish on our “Top Chef”
Mobile native Wesley True is still advancing on Bravo’s “Top Chef.” In the latest episode they showed a picture of Wesley from his high school days in his St. Paul’s track uniform. Also on the episode, Wesley showed some smooth moves getting into the hot tub in Palm Springs.
But more importantly he won the “quick fire” challenge and was on the winning team of the elimination round. Keep up the good work, Wesley, we’re all cheering you on!

When comedy meets drama
Jordan Peele of Comedy Central’s hit show “Key and Peele” was seen in Spot of Tea over the holidays. Apparently the actor/comedian was in town scouting a location for a new project. Oh please, pick us, pick us! As we told Mr. Schwartzman, 36602 is the new 90210! Y’all just need to move here! Anyway, we also hear Peele met one of our most infamous residents, former county commissioner Stephen Nodine, who must be back out of the pokey. We are told “The Hammer/Commish” had his picture made with Peele.

Just a little bit longer
Alabama’s football game ran a little too long on New Year’s Eve for Boozie. By the time the game was over and we arrived at one of Boozie’s favorite watering holes, O’Daly’s, I was pushing my luck for finding a New Year’s kiss.

Walking into the bar we were handed a glass of Champagne for a New Year’s toast and before you knew it, it was 2016. The Champagne toast did not go as planned. Someone wasn’t watching the clock closely enough to tell everyone it was midnight. Oops, cheers! Let the kissing begin!

While most people do a quick peck as their New Year’s kiss, there were a few couples who just didn’t feel like that was enough. A minute past midnight rolls around and there’s a couple still going at it, running their fingers through each other’s hair without a care in the world. Boozie had seen enough and walked away. Then a little farther back in the bar was another couple making out like they were going for a world record. At this point, it was approximately 12:03 a.m. I hope they came up for air. But if not, good for them. Ain’t love grand!

Flora-Bama’s annual Polar Bear Dip is held on New Year’s Day. For some reason this event is quite popular but it sounds a bit frosty for me. Boozie is assuming the chilly waters make you forget about your Champagne hangover while also refreshing you for a new year. Anyhoo, hundreds of people made it down to the beach to run into the water. This year my spies reported seeing some pretty great costumes.

A few crowd favorites: several folks dressed as Vikings with a cardboard boat, polar bears, penguins, a shark, Elvis, a man in a tuxedo and even a yeti or abominable snowman (not to be confused with the cooler brand). My spy also reported some folks wearing swimsuits who weren’t anywhere close to swimsuit-body-ready. But hey, with a few New Year’s resolutions, we might see them next on the stage for Flora-Bama’s bikini contest.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ New Year’s lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!