You love farm-to-table, don’t you Mobile? I do, too, and I love farmer’s markets just as much. For those of you on the way to the beach, be sure to stop by Loxley’s very own Burris’ Farmer’s Market. Strawberries are still in, and that means we don’t miss our chance on a made-from-scratch strawberry milkshake. Ask for Lauren “Straw” Berry. She makes the best ones. Lauren and the gang also do a good bit of baking, so don’t forget the strawberry short cake, cheesecake, anything cake.

As much as I love the strawberries I really can’t wait for Chilton County to get its act together. I am ready for a peach milkshake like no other. Which brings up another question: why is there no peach shortcake? Did I just invent something? I’m fine with pies and cobblers, but a colder peach dessert with a little Cool Whip on top would hit the spot later this summer.

On the topic of peaches, I am hoping 2014 is the greatest peach crop ever. I’ve seen the signs that suggest it may well be. My personal peach tree has more than 60 tiny peaches right now. That’s about a 500 percent increase from last year. We should be good as long as the birds and bugs stay away.
I’m not that great of a shot with a $30 pellet gun, so maybe the boys and I will take to spending our afternoons on the back deck with tennis rackets and Nerf footballs.

My Place says farewell to downtown Fairhope

They had a great run, however the lease is up. It’s not over yet, but the current My Place in downtown Fairhope has closed its doors. The popular music venue was more than just a watering hole. They usually kept an eclectic, although ever changing, menu. No word yet as to exactly what Bobby K and the crew are going to do, but it won’t be long before you hear of something new. I’ll keep you posted.

Zatarain’s celebrates 125 years

So how does the most famous flavor of New Orleans celebrate turning the big one-two-five? With the world’s largest crawfish boil, of course. Zatarain’s is hoping to break more than one record on Saturday, May 10, and officials will be on hand to make the call.

This event is scheduled to take place at Champion’s Square (I love the sound of that) next to the Superdome in New Orleans from noon until 6 p.m. The seasoning and box dinner giant is hoping to shatter the “Largest attendance at a crawfish festival in a single day” record as well as the “Largest amount in pounds boiled at a crawfish boil in a single day” based on current projections.

The hard numbers are more than 25,000 pounds. Open to the public, crawfish will be served at $3 per plate, and all food and beverage proceeds will go to Second Harvest Food Bank (learn more at to help build food security and end hunger in South Louisiana.

Live music from Big Sam’s Funky Nation and Flow Tribe are sure to keep the party rocking. You can become a part of history. This one may be worth the drive!

In local crawfish news…

The Port City has crawfish coming out of its ears this time of year. This is the last week of the Kitchen on George crawfish celebration. Be sure and stop by for your crawfish beignets. Open nightly and Friday for lunch, work them into your schedule before these bad boys disappear.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 9.24.51 AM

Our downtown scene is rocking the mudbugs. Stop in Boo Radley’s on Wednesday nights to get your fill around 6 p.m. It’s a great way to get over hump day. The Haberdasher holds down the fort near the Cathedral Square section of Dauphin Street on Sundays with their boil, while the Garage cranks out some fine ones at Washington and Conti.

Don’t be offended, West Mobilians. I have some coverage for you, too. The Hungry Owl is boiling up their unique style of crawfish. The twist is boiling them in fruit juice. This yields a not too spicy but semi-sweet version that goes down smooth at the growler bar.

Keep an ear out for Old 27 Grill as they occasionally pinch the tails and suck the heads on sunny Fairhope Saturdays. That particular boil produces a fairly spicy crawfish. Congratulations to them on their third anniversary this past week. Many more to come, I am sure.

R&R on the Causeway always has some of my favorites. Don’t forget Mudbugs at the Loop. I love everything they do. The do-it-your-selfer may wish to pick up a crawfish kit of potatoes, corn and critters. Rouses grocery stores usually have some ready to go in the seafood section for the Springhillians who don’t stray too far from home.

If I have left anyone out, I apologize. I do get excited this time of year and want to shout from the rooftops where all of the mudbugs can be found. Don’t forget to suck the heads. Recycle!