Nearly four weeks after extinguishing a small, late-night fire that damaged the lobby roof near the north tower of Government Plaza, the Mobile Fire Rescue Department responded to another alarm May 22 during regular work hours to find a second fire extinguished.

“When we got up there the fire was out but there was some smoke and haze,” said Steve Huffman, MFRD spokesman. “There may be $100 in damages…”

Today’s fire occurred in the “penthouse” area of Government Plaza’s 10th floor, which is an exterior roof area that houses mechanical equipment, Huffman said. It is opposite the side of the building where the other fire occurred May 3.

Huffman said both appear to have been related to ongoing roof work at the building, which has leaked since its construction in 1994. Since January, workers have been replacing glass panels with composite material that sealed with heated tar.

The 10th floor of the south tower also houses the mayor’s office, and while more details were immediately unavailable, Chief of Staff Colby Cooper said the floor was affected by smoke. Mayor Stimpson was attending a design conference off-site at the time but was expected to return to his office this afternoon.

The previous fire left a smoke smell that can still be detected in the upper floors of the north tower.

Updated to include information about the mayor’s office.