Local grocery store chain Greer’s has found another way to compete with larger national chains in the area by offering online shopping. Greer’s shoppers in Mobile can now log on to the store’s website at greers.com, shop for items in all departments and pick up their orders at the chain’s CashSaver location on Dauphin Street, said Jan Greer Endfinger, director of human resources, marketing and advertising. The new online shopping platform, called Greer’s Groceries To Go, officially went live on Mother’s Day Weekend.

“We encourage people to register,” Endfinger said. “It keeps up with past orders, payment information, your pantry and shopping lists.”

The platform is “really, really easy to navigate,” she said, as most of the listed items have corresponding photos.

When a customer arrives at the Dauphin Street location to pick up an order, a store employee will bring it out to the customer’s vehicle and check to make sure the order is correct, Endfinger said.

“If we don’t have an item we’ll substitute,” she said. “If you asked for Best Choice brand and we don’t have it, we’ll give you the national brand at the same price. We’ll always substitute up.”

Everything that’s available in the store is available on the online platform, except for alcohol and tobacco products. There is also a $30 minimum purchase requirement to use the platform. There’s no additional fee to pick up an order.

Endfinger said the platform should help busy parents save time at the grocery store. She added this is something people have been asking for, and said it should appeal to the needs of the next generation of shoppers.

“We wanted to make it more convenient to shop with us and save,” Endfinger said.