On Friday, March 6, a Nashville jury found Christopher Ferrell guilty of the second-degree murder of country musician Wayne Mills. For months, Mills’ friends, fans and family have waited for this attempt at closure after the country artist was shot by Ferrell at a Nashville bar owned by the defendant, after an altercation between the two on Nov. 23, 2013. Ferrell claimed that the shooting was in self-defense. He will be sentenced on April 10. Mills was very popular not just in Music City but also The Port City, playing venues around here quite regularly, such as the former Monsoon’s and Flora-Bama, among others.

I want my MTV
The music video has been an excellent medium for interpreting songs visually. Now, Portal Studio has recruited local filmmakers to try their hand at making a music video with their latest film scramble. Those interested in participating in the music video film scramble should head over to Portal Studio (163 N. Lawrence St.) for the Friday, March 13 Artwalk. Filmmakers will have one week to create a music video. On Friday, March 20, Portal Studio will hold another epic PsychQuinox and screen the videos. There will also be live music from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and McKinney Lillian with the Portal SoundSpace Ensemble.

Melt in your mouth metal
Midnight Rodeo invites all local hell-raisers to make the drive out to WeMo for a hurricane of merciless rock. Phunk Blue Moon and StrongFold will be representing the Azalea City on the Midnight Rodeo stage. Both of these BayFest veterans have remained a fixture in the local scene with their intense music and stage presence.

Phunk Blue Moon is one of Mobile’s most unforgettable bands. Fronted by local verbal assassins Phile Phil and Sir William, this group mingles hip-hop and rock, which they accent with an electrifying live delivery. The crowd will have a hard time deciding whether to dance or headbang during their set.
StrongFold will have no problem engulfing Midnight Rodeo in their metal act, providing the perfect segue way into the evening’s headliner.

Hailing from Memphis, Saliva has remained a dominant force on mainstream radio. Their breakout hit “Click Click Boom” placed them on the world scene, and they followed with super-hits such as “Ladies and Gentleman,” “Always” and “Rest in Pieces.” Saliva is touring in support of their latest release “Rise Up.”

Midnight Rodeo Mobile is located at 7790 Tanner Williams Road #B. Tickets are $12 for general admission and $20 for VIP available through Ticket Biscuit.