Band: Tyler Mac
Date: Friday, April 8 at 6 p.m.
Venue: The Hangout, 101 E. Beach Blvd. (Gulf Shores),
Tickets: Free

Spring break season is in full swing, and a multitude of beach enthusiasts from across the nation have invaded Gulf Shores. While partying on the beach may not be the best idea, The Hangout is offering all the fun of a beach party with less of the legal hassle. Each year, The Hangout seems to use spring break as the start of the journey to the Hangout Music Fest, filling every weekend leading up to the festival with great music.

Tyler Mac will be giving spring breakers a healthy dose of his electrifying blues rock. This talented guitarist began his career in his early teens and was touring internationally before he hit 20. Mac’s dedication to his art has allowed him to share the stage with such notables as Van Morrison, Joe Bonamassa and The Allman Brothers Band. In addition to blues standards, Mac will be entertaining the crowd with songs from his 2013 debut, “Already Home.”