Guitarists are constantly looking to add to their sound. They may purchase certain instruments, pedals or amps in an attempt to find that perfect sound.

An artist in Kauai, Hawaii, has stumbled onto one of the simplest complements to a guitar: glass. Glass sculpture Rosemary Pierro of Rosemary Glass has expanded guitar sounds with her glass guitar picks.

These borosilicate-based plectrums were originally created from the extra pieces of glass left after Pierro worked on a project. The belief is that the use of a glass pick maximizes the resonance and depth of a guitar’s sound.

With thoughts of the fragile nature of glass, many would scoff at this notion of using it for a guitar pick. With this in mind, Lagniappe put Pierro’s glass picks to the test with a little help from local guitarist Al McNab. A seasoned blues shredder, McNab took Pierro’s glass picks for a test drive and was pleased with the results.

Guitar pick

“I was quite surprised to discover that it does actually produce a much fuller and richer tone,” said McNab. “Compared to the glass pick, a regular plastic pick sounds like a dud.”

As far as the fragile nature of Pierro’s glass pick, this aspect was also put to the test. As McNab explained his experience, he dropped the pick on a ceramic tile floor, glass’ archenemy. Surprisingly, the glass pick survived after bouncing three times. Not only do these picks show stamina, but they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Visit Rosemary Glass ( for more info.

Just in time for Spring Break, Rosco Bandana is bringing their alternative sounds from Gulfport to Gulf Shores. Seven members strong, this band has taken the modern folk craze to the next level with a much-needed dose of rock-and-roll. On Thursday, March 27, at 6 p.m., Rosco Bandana will perform a free show at Meyer Park. As the first band signed to Hard Rock Records, this powerhouse has begun to grow beyond the Gulf Coast. Their song “Woe Is Me” has been featured on the ABC’s “Body of Lies,” and the companion video has found great success on CMT.

Speaking of Gulf Shores, Red Mountain Entertainment released information that has had all jam fans talking. On Friday, Aug. 1, Phish will make their debut at The Amphitheater at The Wharf. This Vermont band helped shape the modern jam movement with extended live performances that take their audiences beyond the spectrum of sound. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday, March 27. Gulf Coast appearances are very rare for Phish, and this is show will be a sell-out.