After the Gulf Coast bids farewell to BayFest 2014, local music enthusiasts will shift their focus to the area’s other big three-day weekend. Over the years, the Hangout Music Festival has grown into a world class music festival that not only attracts the industry’s hottest music acts but also a multitude of seasoned festival-goers from around the globe. The festival also pumps millions of dollars into the local economy.

Gulf Shores is considering revisions to its agreement with Hangout Fest.

Gulf Shores is considering revisions to its agreement with Hangout Fest.

The City of Gulf Shores and Hangout Fest organizers are currently making some big decisions as to the future of the festival. Both the public and Hangout Fest organizers will soon learn if this event will be granted public assembly permits from 2016 through 2020. The Gulf Shores City Council is scheduled to convene on Monday, Oct. 13 and vote on an ordinance that will secure one legal aspect of Hangout Fest. However, the ordinance is coming with several stipulations, some of which may have a significant affect going forward.

Several of the stipulations will affect the inner workings of Hangout Fest. A franchise fee will begin at 1 percent in 2016 and max out at 3 percent by 2019. Upon the festival’s finale, organizers will have to be zealous in opening state highways 59 and 182 by 6 a.m. the day after. Gulf Shores officials also want to reclaim the beach site by 6 a.m. the Thursday after the festival. Another stipulation states that the permit will be granted solely to organizer and Hangout owner Shaul Zislin and can be revoked if he ever relinquishes the festival.

Additionally, the City of Gulf Shores also set stipulations that will directly affect concert goers. First, organizers must set an attendance cap at 40,000 people, which will maintain the “boutique” aspect of Hangout Fest. The festival will also be required to enforce a strict drug-free environment in an effort to halt any possession or use of illegal drugs. This also comes with a requirement for organizers to select bands that neither advocate nor associate with illegal drug use. This will force the festival to be extremely rigid in their artist selection process.

Stay tuned to Lagniappe for future Hangout Fest info and developments from the Gulf Shore City Council.

Return of The Angel Ride

The Angel Ride and Concert is another music event/motorcycle rally that has grown greatly over the years. The nonprofit foundation that organizes the weekend exists to provide financial assistance to families of children with unforeseen health problems. This year’s event has been scheduled for Oct. 30-Nov. 1 at Oak Hollow Farms in Fairhope and features some of the biggest names yet. The musical entertainment will being on Thursday with the party sounds of the Cool Rayz. For Halloween, this family-friendly event will hold a “Spooktacular” featuring The Tip Tops and Wet Willie. The crowd will get a triple-shot on Saturday with performances from The Modern Eldorados, Mustang Sally and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Tickets are on sale now at