News of floating musical islands, lost farm animals and engagements all came across Boozie’s gossip wire this week. There’s never a dull moment when you are digging into fun and folly of all kinds.

So sit back and enjoy what the spies and I have cobbled together for you this week — a nice summer gossip cobbler for you, if you will. I suggest you enjoy it a la mode. Dig on in!

Gumbo Key reappears in OB
Thousands once again flocked to the “tropical, mythical place that appears from time to time” known as Gumbo Key. The floating music barge put its anchor down last Saturday at Robinson Island in Orange Beach. Those who swam, floated or boated up were treated to the sounds of Wes Loper, Adam Holt Band and Lamont Landers Band.

My spies said it was a grand time and folks were floating on all kinds of things, including huge inflatable rubber duckies, pink flamingos and even a watermelon. They said there were so many people there the water around Robinson Island almost looked like “a parking lot.”

One spy happened upon a couple who were using their floating device in an interesting way. The man was lying flat on his stomach on top of a raft and his lady friend had somehow managed to wrap herself around the bottom of it with her legs back up around him. And still somehow, they were able to make out without him falling off the raft or her drowning. Sometimes love defies all odds … and physics.

Sadly, as the sun set, Gumbo Key disappeared into the mystic once again but its “citizens” know it will return again soon. For more information on the event and tips on when it may surface again, check out

Father’s Day shout-out to Daphne
Hometown hero and one of Mobile’s famous native sons Jimmy Buffett mentioned Daphne on his Facebook page as he was paying tribute to his father and grandfather on Father’s Day.

“My dad’s favorite place to be on his off days was out on the pier of our house in Daphne, Alabama, grilling a tenderloin and having a boat drink or two. The pier was beat up and torn apart by several hurricanes that I remember, but the grill survived them all, having been built out of titanium and anodized aluminum ‘borrowed’ from the shipyard. My sister still has that grill at her house in Gulf Shores.”

Jimmy, oh master of marketing, you need to mass produce those grills and slap a Margaritaville logo on them. You’d sell so many, George Foreman would be “knocked out” as the celebrity king of grillin’. Just sayin’!

Speaking of Daphne
While candidates for the 2016 Baldwin County municipal elections are lining up, one Eastern Shore politician is campaigning for a different kind of recognition. Boozie heard that at this week’s Daphne City Council meeting Councilman John Lake used time allotted for council comments to petition the crowd for a Nappie vote.

Lake is one of five finalists for the Hardest Working Elected Official on the Eastern Shore and to Boozie’s knowledge he is the first one to campaign for the award in a public meeting.

“I was nominated for the Hardest Working Elected Official on the Eastern Shore and I would hope that everyone would go to Lagniappe and vote for me,” Lake said before shamelessly encouraging the crowd to “vote early and often!” We love a good Nappie Award campaign around here!

Who lost their ass?
Usually if one loses their ass, they most certainly know it. But apparently the owner of one found in Wilmer did not. On Monday, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office tweeted out this:

“MCSO is looking for the owner of this Jack found in the area of Cuss Fork and Coleman Dairy Roads.  #team_sheriff,” along with a photo of the wayward donkey. No word on how many wives called the sheriff’s office looking for their husbands.

We do hope he was reunited with his family. Wilmer can be a dangerous place for small horse-like animals. #strangerdanger #ebonyice #neverforget

Wedding bells
Hearts are breaking all over Mobile as news spread that FOX10 meteorologist and reporter Chasity Byrd got engaged. We hear her beloved popped the question on the West End of Dauphin Island. Awwwww! Byrd has also won the “Hottest TV Newswoman” in the Nappie Awards several times over the years, hence all the shattered hearts. We wish the happy couple all the best!

Well, kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ jackass lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!