So, Boozie made a last-minute decision to join friends on their trip to Tuscaloosa. I can’t say this was a bad decision because we partied like we were back in college, but we also paid for it the next day. Let’s just say game-day shots and drinking are harder to recover from now than during our prime.

Before we move on, I just want to share a few things I noticed while in Tuscaloosa. First off, college boys are shorter these days. I was never a tall person but I was soaring over these kids at the bar. No way with my old age did I get taller!

Next thing, I’m glad I am not in college now. Why? Because I would look like a grandma in my clothing options. I swear, I saw more butt cheeks in Tuscaloosa than I did on all my summer beach trips combined. I just don’t understand it. One girl had on a tube top and what looked like volleyball spandex. Call me old fashioned, but those girls need some clothes!

Last thing, which is probably the craziest — I saw a Tennessee fan drinking a Smirnoff Ice. No, she didn’t get iced and no, she wasn’t a high schooler. She was just sitting in a chair sipping on her Smirnoff Ice with her Tennessee jersey on, like that was completely normal. … Like, who chooses to drink that?

My church
Luckily while I was in Tuscaloosa I had a spy back home doing her job. She said it was a slower-than-normal Saturday but that didn’t keep Maren Morris from playing for a sold-out crowd at Soul Kitchen!

So, first things first. My spy said it was hot but so much fun! She said Maren puts on a great show and even got personal with the crowd. She said she and her band had played the night before, but was excited her last-minute show in Mobile was sold out, and thanked everyone for being fans. She closed the night with her song “Dear Hate,” all the proceeds of which will go to the Las Vegas shooting victims! My spy said it was very moving.

Now time for the happy stuff. My spy said Maren encored with Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” but before all that, during the show, she noticed a group of moms out for a girls’ night. My spy said they were drunk and having a good time but took selfies and Snapchatted the whole show. They didn’t really bother my girl until they started getting too close. The final straw (literally) was when one of the mom’s hair got wrapped around my spy’s drink straw! Umm gross, I don’t blame her for reminding them of personal space.

So, kids were allowed at the show and my spy’s favorite moment involves one of the children in attendance. She said a little boy, about 7, and his mom were leaving when he let go of her hand. As soon as he let go, he hit a puddle of beer and fell. He was OK so she couldn’t help but laugh. Boozie isn’t sure who she felt worse for, the little boy or his momma. Either way, I am sure they had fun!

Raining cats and dogs
So obviously it rained this past Sunday. It wasn’t a little sprinkle either, the bottom fell out and Mobile was dumped with rain. What’s new? Well, all that rain really threw a wrench in my Sunday plans.

It was Animal Rescue Foundation’s (ARF) 13th annual Woofstock! This event grows every year and why wouldn’t it, people love to help animals.

Woofstock usually consists of a costume contest, wiener dog races, a kissing booth, vendors, live music and, of course, dogs! I had plans to take a four-legged friend to his first downtown party, but unfortunately by the time I got back to town it was already raining. But I decided to drive by anyway just to make we weren’t missing out on the fun.

And we weren’t missing much. By this point the rain had run everyone off and Bienville Square was clearing out. But I did hear we missed out on a lot of fun when the party first began. Lots of people showed up early ready to party and with their pups all dressed up. Some of those folks got to enjoy the event before it started to rain. Some people tried to wait it out in their cars while others headed to restaurants.

Sadly, the rain never stopped and the weather got worse, forcing ARF to call off the event. But don’t you worry, ARF is already planning to reschedule in November! So keep your eye out for the new date because this is an event you don’t want to miss, again!

This “spotted” is for my football fans! College or NFL fans will probably recall the name Lee Roy Jordan. Jordan was a linebacker who played for Paul “Bear” Bryant, then went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys. Basically, he was one of the best football players, for those that don’t know the name. Anyways, he was spotted downtown at Dauphin’s over the weekend. My spy said he was in town promoting his new book, but I’m thinking maybe he was visiting Dauphin’s owner Bob Baumhower, who also played for the “Bear” as well as NFL football. They didn’t play at the same time but I am sure their paths crossed at some some point.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Maren lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!