Band: GWAR, Butcher Babies, Battlecross, Broken Paradym
Date: Thursday, Sept. 3 with doors at 7 p.m.
Venue: Soul Kitchen, 219 Dauphin St.,
Tickets: $19 advance/$23 day-of, available at Soul Kitchen, its website,
Mellow Mushroom (both locations) or by calling 1-866-468-7630

Editor’s note: The following interview contains material that may not be suitable for younger readers.

For 30 years, GWAR has ravaged the planet with its furious metal and epic stage show. Fresh from its sixth annual GWAR B-Q festival, “The Scumdogs of the Universe” have embarked on another campaign in celebration of the band’s 30th anniversary.

After the untimely demise of front man Oderus Urungus, GWAR’s fan base was in limbo awaiting the band’s next move. For a time, a brutal maiden from the future named Vulvatron seemed to have been chosen as Urungus’ replacement. However, a warrior named Blothar eventually emerged to carry on the band’s legacy.

(Photo/ GWAR carried on after the loss of its lead singer and is celebrating 30 years of metal mayhem with a stop in Mobile Sept. 3.

(Photo/ GWAR carried on after the loss of its lead singer and is celebrating 30 years of metal mayhem with a stop in Mobile Sept. 3.

Those who find all this bizarre should satiate their curiosity and experience their live performance, which usually includes a shower of primordial “fluids” and the “slaughter” of various celebrities and politicians. Lead guitarist Pustulus Maximus took a break from world domination to talk about GWAR’s anniversary tour, the band’s future and the new GWAR-themed restaurant.

Stephen Centanni: How does it feel to be part of a band that has a 30-year history of raising hell?

Pustulus Maximus: Terrible, it feels awful. I hate every second of it. Just imagine you had to tag along with these dudes all the time. They’re ornery when they run out of crack, but, you know, I never run out of crack. I just steal everybody else’s. That handles that whole situation. They’re moody. They always wanna kill sh*t. People always leave the show, and we don’t get to kill everybody all at once. It always turns into a thing. Other than that, it’s pretty cool. We get all the drugs that we want and all the money we can burn. There’s no complaints, really, other than having to be here the whole time.

Centanni: How is GWAR celebrating 30 years of mayhem?

Maximus: There’s been a lot of hookers going out the door. Some getting paid, and some just getting slayed. Everybody is getting laid. It’s pretty sweet. It’s just a lot of blood lust, blood for lube and poop for lube. I just heard about that one. That’s a new one. It’s going pretty good.

Centanni: GWAR has had a history riddled with controversy, and I don’t hear much associated with GWAR these days. Do you still have people out there trying to stop you? Has Westboro Baptist Church showed up yet?

Maximus: We had some kind of protesters show up in Spokane. It’s not Spokane, because it doesn’t rhyme with cocaine. It’s Spokane that rhymes with Coke can. There were some church folk out there telling us we were going to burn in Hell, but Hell would have to exist for us to actually burn there. So, that’s kind of weird. I’ve never seen anybody holding up signs spouting fairy tales before, but whatever, to each his own. I wish the Westboro Baptist Church would do something to us. Apparently they don’t have sh*t. Maybe we’re not famous enough for them to f*ck with. Maybe that’s the problem.

Centanni: After Oderus left the band, y’all recruited Vulvatron to the ranks, which I thought was an interesting addition. Now, Blothar is doing vocals. What brought about that change?

Maximus: The funny thing about that whole situation is that we got Blothar as soon as we realized Oderus was gone. Blothar came back as a spiritual advisor. The whole thing with Vulvatron is that she was never, ever the lead singer. What actually happened with that, and why we had problems from day one, is she told a reporter she was [the lead singer], even though that was never the intention. She was from the future and was supposed to come back and tell us what was going on, and maybe do a couple of back-up vocals. Slymenstra [Hymen] sang songs. She was never the front person for the band. That whole thing got blown out of proportion a little bit. We thought it was good press, and we let her run with it, until we had to cut some ties. Eh, whatever. GWAR will live forever. It’s another Scroda Moon to add to the books.

Centanni: What’s it been like working with Blothar as your leader?

Maximus: It’s not too bad! He’s not as dumb as the rest of us. He’s kind of smart, which kinda makes me hate him. We need people close to us to help us get through this tough time. I’m happy to have Blothar and his bag of d*cks manning the stage.
Centanni: Tell me about the stage show this tour. With the upcoming presidential election, will the crowd be seeing any potential candidates mutilated on stage?

Maximus: Man oh man, let me tell you, we’ve got our work cut out for us. I mean, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and all this other gaggle of morons they’re trying to put up in front of the voting public, that sh*t writes itself. You can’t create people or make [up] characters this stupid. This is gold, pure f*cking gold. So, yeah, we’re gonna lay claim to the heads of a few presidential hopefuls, of course. The biggest thing we’re gonna fight is the Internet. The Internet has been pissing me off. So, I’m gonna try and take that by the throat. I don’t really know how to choke out the Internet, but I’m sure I can. We can kill everything. We do kill everything, so I don’t see that as being a problem. We gotta personify the Internet somehow. We’ll figure it out.

Centanni: Over the band’s 30-year history, GWAR has become quite a phenomenon. I saw a couple of weeks ago that there’s actually a GWAR Bar in Richmond, and it looks like a pretty cool place with some really good food. Tell me a little about this place.

Maximus: Well, it’s the first establishment I’ve owned and been thrown out of. That’s a first. I’ve been thrown out of many, many, many bars, but this is the first one that I actually own. It’s kind of disheartening, but whatever. It’s kind of easy to throw me out when I’m blacked out to the world. It takes about 20 people to pick me up, but you just gotta throw me out on the sidewalk to sober up. My credit card is maxed out in there, so I don’t go there too much anymore. It’s pretty awesome. There’s lots of cool drinks and Tiki mugs, and all the food is good. Nothing is breaking the bank. You can eat there for a couple of bucks and drink. You can’t even say that about Applebee’s or T.G.I. Friday’s or one of those dumb-ass places all these Americans like to eat at. I dig it, man, and there’s people from all walks of life. You’ve got punk rockers, metal heads, crusties and the normal, everyday person hanging out and talking sh*t. It’s a place anybody would go. It’s not just for GWAR fans.

Centanni: You guys have done movies, a cartoon and a restaurant. Last time, I talked to Oderus, he was talking about a GWAR video game. Anything big in the works?

Maximus: We stay pretty busy over here. Basically, we’ve been concentrating on the show for the past couple of months. GWAR B-Q takes up a huge amount of our time. Whenever we sober up enough to get through any actual work, we’re devoting it to the show or the event. Once we end this tour, I think we’re gonna buckle down and start cranking out some tunes, which is OK. I’ve already written 378, so we’ve got a couple of albums in the bag. It’s just a matter of remembering them and then teaching them to other people, but I’m not a good teacher. I’m a good leader in the fact that I yell the loudest, but as far as actually trying to teach something, I just throw a bunch of notes together and call it a song. We’ll see how that turns out, but yeah, we need to get some new music out. We don’t need to keep everybody waiting.