I know where I always go when I need to get schooled on the art of mix-ology. They basically put on a clinic every night with the drinks they serve at Haberdasher. Aside from being a hot spot for incredible cocktails, the place just opened the kitchen, and the food menu is as elegant as the drink menu.

Think South American as the inspiration for this new endeavor. House made tortillas and arepas (corn cakes) are the basis of the menu full of signature tacos and proteins such as spicy pork, chicken, Conecuh sausage and lamb. Head chef Zane Phillips, formerly of our fallen beloved La Pizzeria, is putting together a fantastic initial menu with some eclectic twists. A vinegar based jalapeno slaw and shrimp ceviche are sure to please. What about a vegetarian taco with refried sweet peas with yellow corn and black bean relish? How does a Conecuh sausage with pico de gallo and Creole mustard sans tortilla but wrapped in naan bread sound? These guys have my attention.

Here is the best part. It is an a la carte menu starting at $2 and maxing out at $7. I anticipate weekly specials and frequent additions and changes, but it sounds great as it is. Thankfully they are open seven nights a week at 5 p.m. until 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and until midnight or later Friday and Saturday. Don’t forget, they have fantastic cocktails. I am sure Roy could pair something for you.

Moon Pie Moonshine rings it in with two flavors

Banana and chocolate flavored Moon Pie MoonShine.

Banana and chocolate flavored Moon Pie MoonShine.

I have an awful job. Every now and then something shows up to the office, and in some official capacity I am encouraged to sample the item. This week the items happened to be two jars of Moon Pie MoonShine (www.moonpie-moonshine.com) from Limestone Branch Distillery.

It’s the story of fifth generation moonpie bakers of Chattanooga meeting seventh generation distillers of Kentucky who managed to create a liquid dessert with a kick. We southerners know our moonpies, and we also know our moonshine. Think of this as two great southern traditions in a jar with a label that boasts, “Only the finest grain-neutral spirits and natural flavors crafted by hand in our family’s time-honored way.”

I received one jar of banana and one jar of chocolate, and I will say I enjoyed both of them. Tasting side by side I preferred the banana flavor straight, but I could see how the chocolate could make a splash in some fancy recipe. Speaking of recipes, the website is chock full of ways to doll up the shine, and not just for cocktails.

Don’t be afraid of the hype that moonshine often receives. I’ve heard horror stories where someone takes a pull off of pappy’s corn liquor and ain’t been right since. This product will not be the subject of some ABC after school special anytime soon, and weighs in at a very drinkable 53 proof. This is a great idea for those nights when you need a little longevity to maybe mix yourself a drink with this as opposed to much higher proof vodkas. I have to say the flavors are very convincing.

Maybe this could be your New Year’s Eve or Mardi Gras drink this year. I received a note that Boo Radley’s and The Brickyard will both be carrying this as we drop the giant MoonPie next week. Others are sure to follow. This spirit will spread like wildfire.

Kitchen on George announces NYE menu

You know you have to take your sweetheart out for something fancy on New Year’s Eve. Why not a four course wine dinner at Kitchen on George?

The teaching restaurant in the OGD is hot right now with lunch daily and impressive dinner menus. This wine dinner doesn’t sound any less promising than what you’ve come to expect. The condensed version is prosciutto wrapped asparagus with Belstar Prosecco followed by linguini with clams and fennel paired with Chamisal Chardonnay, pan-seared pistachio crusted sea bass with Veuve de Vernay Brut, and the evening capped off with almond cream filled orange crepe washed down with Saracco Moscato.

I spared you a bit of the hyperbole, but the long version of the menu is very convincing. Just take my word for it. Price per person is $75, and though reservations are not required I wouldn’t chance it. Call 251-436-8890 or stop by George and Savannah streets to reserve in person. While you’re there you could peek into Cream and Sugar for some last minute holiday cake balls.

By the way, if you are looking for just the right gift certificate Kitchen on George and Cream and Sugar have paired up to meet your needs. A $30 gift certificate combo pack comes with a $20 card for Kitchen on George and a $10 card for Cream and Sugar. Sounds like breakfast and lunch to me!

Keep those trees up until the New Year, then recycle!