The east side of Dauphin continues to grow as The Haberdasher opened its doors this past weekend. I was honored to be at the soft opening as these masters of the cocktail, modern and traditional, were slinging drinks to thirsty patrons in their new location at the southeast corner of Bienville Square, more precisely 113 Dauphin St.

It’s been a little over a year since the business closed its former location down the street in search of a building to purchase and becoming landlord instead of tenant.

The new facility is spacious, but the most important part of this story is the growth of the kitchen. Sure, they still have those wonderful tacos on traditional house-made corn tortillas as well as the popular arepas. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the folds and flats portion of the menu, which boasts sandwiches on naan bread also made in house. Think lamb, chicken, veggies and roasted Conecuh with Creole mustard as some of the options.

What I am dying to try is the High Roller. This is a smashed-down, thinner patty hamburger that I’m usually crazy about. Red onion, tomato, spinach and garlic herb kefir cheese has me crazy for a bite, all for $6! Throw in a side of spicy slaw or black bean relish (with corn, cilantro and relish).

Don’t forget about the cocktails. Go see these purveyors of fine libations. Kitchen hours are Monday through Thursday, 4-11 p.m., closing at midnight or later on Friday and Saturday.

Saisho beer dinner could yield new menu items
Last week’s dinner with Fairhope Brewing Co. beer pairings was a hit for Saisho. The Japanese-inspired kitchen kept the audience on its toes with aggressive dishes, and the hope is that some of these will make it to the permanent menu.

The pork belly wrapped in wasabi leaf should claim a spot. The Chicken Karage ultimately amounted to an amazing version of chicken nuggets with a sweet hot sauce. The grilled lamb spare ribs are, of course, already on the menu but the pickled plum and carrot barbecue sauce should be bottled and sold. That’s only my opinion.

Of course the boys at Fairhope Brewing brought their good stuff. They have new things on the horizon, too.

Ecor Rouge Day for Fairhope Brewing Co.
It was first brewed July 2, 2014, and will be released this Saturday, July 2, for Ecor Rouge Day. This is your last chance to grab a bottle of the popular brew, and Fairhope Brewing is only producing 70 bottles.

Because of the limited run, guests will be allowed a maximum of two bottles to take home or consume on the premises. Expect live music provided by Fat Man Squeeze. The taproom opens at 1 p.m. Head down to 914 Nichols Ave. to bid this beer a hearty adieu, and don’t forget about the upcoming Mardi Gras in July!