Mr. Holbert:

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your (although quite stressful at times) very amusing story with us (Damn the Torpedoes, Aug. 8). I can’t even remember the last time, if at all, I’ve quite literally cracked up laughing after every other line in an article, and in a library no less.

I admire your initial peace treaty with your unwanted pests. I will tell you that is very commendable, as I too have taken that initial approach when one began to set up shop in the top corner outside my front door. But you’re absolutely right, when they start calling in the troops, war must be had.

Again, I commend you for silent commitment to “live and let live,” proceeding with a silent, occasional war that involved your family as little as possible. But when things go too far, what must be done, must be done.

I am sorry to hear about your gunshot of a sting, and here’s to wishing you the speediest of recoveries; hypochondria can oftentimes be the worst disease. I hope your humble abode and garage are now wasp-free, and although you may have had to relinquish your “wasp jelly” dreams, I believe the comforts of a hostility-free home may outweigh your “waspkeeper” dreams, just by an inch.

Lastly, I just really wanted to thank you again for even releasing this story out into the universe. With everything negative going on in the world, it’s sharing stories like this that reminds you to lighten up, and to always look for the comedy amid any kind of tragedy we must endure.

I’m sure at the time things had gotten quite serious for you, but imagining you swinging around a mop and broom while running on your treadmill in the garage is a hilarious image that I wish not to leave me any time soon.

Your amused fellow wasp warrior,

Javier “Luckii” Talbot