It’s officially over … summer break, that is. Schools started back this week and Boozie is so sad. Not that I have kids in school or anything, but my teacher friends are now back to being lame ol’ worker bees who can’t go out during the week or have a Sunday Funday.

But then again, I think if I had to deal with 30 rugrats hungover, I might not drink so much. Oh, who am I kidding — movie day! Luckily for your children’s sake, I’m not a teacher, but fortunately for you I have all the latest gossip!

Last Friday the Ten Sixty Five Festival Party Animal was spotted taking a ride on the Gulf Coast Ducks boat tour. Before then, the music-loving festival mascot had been spotted all over town, including an appearance at the 2016 Nappies, but this was a big deal because on that same Friday, Ten Sixty Five released its lineup for this year! Let’s just say Boozie can’t wait!

If you haven’t already seen the lineup, it includes musical acts such as Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue. Remember, they were at the Saenger Theatre earlier this year and were awesome! Also expect to great new acts like Los Colognes, Infant Richard and the Delta Stones, Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet and more. And I can’t forget Seether, Dirty Heads and, oh yeah, Counting Crows! Hmmm, am I forgetting someone? Oh, yeah, the legendary Wet Willie!

The best part about all this? No tickets required. Plan to be in town the weekend of Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, because it’s going to be a weekend you don’t want to miss!

That’s what friends are for
Rachael Norris, familiar to many as one of the personable bartenders at Hayley’s, may have gotten a little more than she bargained for after recently posting a complaint on Facebook.

On the evening of Aug. 2, after getting a cut and color at a local salon, she lamented, “Having a bunch of dude friends is cool sometimes but, like, when I get my hair done for three hours and I’m feeling myself and none of these jackasses notice it I get the urge to junk punch all of them.”

Apparently, that was all it took for many of Rachael’s male Facebook friends to open the floodgates and throw an online pity party, where #rachaelnorrishair became a trending topic that was still going strong a week later.

In less time than it took to sit for a styling, friends responded with dozens of hair memes, The Pita Pit offered $2 off to anyone who said they saw Rachel’s new “do,” Alchemy Tavern offered $5 Do-Bombs and “Rachael’s New Hair” even found itself on the Soul Kitchen’s marquee along with the Molly Ringwalds and Beer Fest.

But Norris took it all in stride, later posting that her ego couldn’t get any bigger than it already was, but also expressing surprise about the number of new friend requests and customers that resulted from the episode. So guys, let it be a lesson to notice the little things the girls in your lives feel good about, lest you get junk punched.

Shower hair master
Speaking of hair, Lagniappe was delighted to be tweeted at by local artist Lucy Gafford, whose Twitter feed (@LucyGafford) is full of Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 5.38.33 PM“Shower Hair Masterpieces.” That shouldn’t need much explanation, but essentially, Gafford creates artwork with hair that falls out in the shower by sticking it to the shower wall. Along with the 2016 Nappies logo, Gafford has created likenesses of Hillary Clinton and Uncle Sam, a wiener dog, Yoda, landscapes and more. How creative! Keep it up, Lucy!

All mixed up
Last Wednesday, Soul Kitchen was once again packed for 311. Boozie is like, whooaaa, no surprise. Last time 311 played at Soul Kitchen it was sold out. I told y’all the ‘90s were back!

Anywho, my spies who went had nothing but good things to say. Some had more to say than others, but that’s OK. One spy said it was “dope.” Yep, that was it. But I had another spy spill a little more, letting me know the show was awesome — and out of the dozen or so shows he has been to this one was by far the best, and that if you weren’t there you missed out. Bummer, dude, maybe we can catch 311 next time and hopefully they’ll continue to make Mobile a regular stop.

Weekend shenanigans
Now that summer break is over, traffic heading back and forth over the bay should slow down, or at least that’s what you’d think. This past Saturday there was a slight holdup on the Causeway. No, it wasn’t the usual rubbernecking by every hillbilly who wants to check out a wreck, but rather an alligator was crossing the road!

Might I add, it was slightly frightening seeing that gator so high off the ground and moving that quickly. All Boozie could think about was whether you’re supposed to zig or zag to outrun a gator.

Boozie’s next holdup was on Sunday morning. We’ve all been there: you’re stuck at a red light, you’re hungover and suddenly you’ve got to throw up. Your friend is yelling at you, “Not in my car!” Or “If you throw up down the side you are cleaning it up!”

Well, Sunday morning, as Boozie was waiting at the light to head to Waffle House, that moment happened. The girl in the car in front of me swings open her door and lets it all out. Light turns green and she is still going. I didn’t honk because, like I’ve said, we’ve all been there before.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ hurling in the street lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!