Well gang, we have almost made it through the holi-daze. Heavy on the daze. Light on the holi. Not even sure what that means. Anyway, just wanted to wish you a very Boozie Christmas. I am sure that won’t be a problem for you.

Whatever you do – don’t touch Santa’s “lumps of coal,” no matter how nicely he asks. Trust me on this one.

KOR Christmas Revel

On Saturday, Dec. 13, the Knights of Revelry celebrated their 141st Christmas revel with a party at Fort Whiting. The men folk looked oh-so-dapper in black tie. Like a bunch of James Bonds and Brad Pitts running around. I think we all forget just how goofy tails really look because that is what we are used to seeing.

Anyway, the men dazzled but so did the women. One lovely lady really took her outfit to the next level by adding poinsettias to it, according to my spies. Another spy said they even had a Chrissy machine. And of course, the band Jukebox Superhero was a huge hit, with “Wonder Woman” and “Catwoman” adding their “dancing” talents to the stage, as Superman, Batman, Robin and the Joker sang party favorites.

Meanwhile, a man in a mask and tights ran around the room banging inflated cow bladders on the floor and no one even batted an eye. I love Mobile and can’t wait for the Gras.

Cousin Eddie shows up at SMS party

We hear “Clark” and “Cousin Eddie” made an  appearance at a local party last weekend.

We hear “Clark” and “Cousin Eddie” made an
appearance at a local party last weekend.

So we hear an annual “Cocktail Swap” held every year by a group of St. Mary’s School parents was quite the time this year, as it every year. Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie made an appearance and the fun lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Our spy said there may have even been cake balls used as “ammunition.”

This party is apparently so fun they have a T-shirt printed up with their “proudest moments.” Of course, this makes Boozie proud, Clark!

Lag Christmas extravaganza

The Lagniappe Christmas extravaganza took place on Sunday Dec. 14. The staff started out with a delicious brunch at Kitchen on George, where the mimosas and Bloody Marys flowed. There was an argument over which dish was best – the shrimp and grits, bananas foster French toast or Hamburger with bacon jam. Boozie votes for the shrimp and grits.

Next they headed to New Orleans on one of the swank buses from Gulf Coast Tours. A game of dirty Santa got really dirty as all of the available booze got stolen almost immediately. One staffer’s Firefly vodka was literally stolen or maybe “borrowed” by one trio who should not have been shooting it. Trust me on this one.

After various stops at The Roosevelt Hotel. Batch, the Carousel Bar, “that place that serves hand grenades,” Harrah’s and other various watering holes, everyone thankfully made it back on the bus and safely home.

There was some vomiting but also some winning at the casino. Thankfully no one made out in the bathroom on the bus but there were threats by some couples saying they wanted to join the “Five Foot High Club.” EWWWWWWW!

Hair sniffing at Callaghans

Apparently personal hygiene became an issue recently at Callaghan’s when a group of people began sniffing one another’s hair. They had been watching the Deluxe Trio perform, so they may still have been mesmerized by the fancy playing, but for some unknown reason several men and women began sniffing one another’s hair, trying to determine if the smell was up to snuff, so to speak.

At least one of those involved said he’d be switching shampoos as his locks were judged harshly.

“No more of this Prell sh*t,” he said.

Hopefully this won’t become a tradition at Deluxe Trio shows, but you never know. 

Well kids, that’s all I have this issue. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ Prell lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!