The Hangout Music Festival is just two weeks away, and Gulf Shores is busy preparing for a worldwide audience of music fans to invade. Meanwhile, Utah’s Desert Noises are preparing to make their Hangout Fest debut.

A couple of years ago, this group of young musicians said goodbye to family, friends and the daily grind, to become a full-time band. With them, they took a multifaceted rock ’n’ roll sound that soon drew a legion of fans to their shows and caught the attention of LA-based indie label SQE Music.

Their decision to exchange a normal reality for the world of rock ’n’ roll has not brought any regrets to the members of Desert Noises.

“It’s great, man,” exclaimed guitarist/vocalist Kyle Henderson. “It feels really good.”

The release of their debut album “27 Ways” is one reason the band is feeling confident. This collection of songs was conjured from their subconscious.

The tracks are sonic portrayals of actual dreams that the members of the band experienced. When it came to penning these tracks, Henderson explained that it was truly a natural artistic movement.

“When they were written, it was off the top off our head,” Henderson said. “It wasn’t thought about or planned out.”

This album serves a prime example of Desert Noises’ versatile rock sound. The album’s initial single “Out of My Head” is a relentless indie rock anthem highlighted by Henderson’s clean, epic vocals. “Dime in My Pocket” keeps it short but meaningful as a classic blues number riddled with sliding acoustic. “Follow You Out” is a modern rock masterpiece full of emotion. For the members of Desert Noises, the release of “27 Ways” has been a satisfying experience, especially when it comes to presenting the tracks on tour.

“It’s really been fun,” Henderson said. “It’s good to finally be here and have it out and be able to sell it at the shows. We’ve had those songs for a while. So, it’s good to get it out on a record.”

Before they impressed fans with their studio work, Desert Noises built their reputation on their intense live show. Henderson claims that performing before an energetic audience is truly “an overwhelming feeling of good times.” They leave each venue with their audiences craving more, but what about the family and friends they left at home? Desert Noises’ busy tour schedule has not allowed them to have that experience yet.

“I haven’t been home since the record came out and all this stuff started happening,” Henderson said.