While rock-and-roll may seem to reign supreme at the Hangout Fest, the event has always maintained an excellent line-up of electronic acts. Of all of this year’s electronic acts, The Electric Sons will have many festivalgoers adding their set to their custom schedule.

This duo, comprised of Andrew Miller and Ben Richards, mixes and mashes synth beats, live instrumentation and pristine vocals to produce a sound from the same school as bands such as MGMT and Basement Jaxx. While their music is definitely impressive, their totally DIY approach to their band could be considered inspirational to many other acts.

Even though the two have made The Electric Sons a major focus in their lives, Miller and Richards both maintain a day job. Even though Miller admitted that getting time off can be challenging and stressful on co-workers, Richards explained that balancing their day jobs with The Electric Sons can be beneficial.

“Having a day job makes you have to go hard when you have the time,” Richards said. “We have to work during the day. At night, that’s our time to write and prepare to get things ready. It keeps you going at a quick pace, because that’s all the time you have.”

“Luckily, Hangout Fest happens on the weekend,” added Miller.

The Electric Sons will be performing in support of their latest release “Chromaesthesia.” As with many modern bands, Miller and Richards opt to release EP’s as opposed to full-lengths, which is the case with “Chromaesthesia.” According to the duo, releasing EP’s allows them to stay on the ever-changing trends and styles in the electronic scene. The act of releasing several EP’s in a year as opposed to one full-length every few years also caters to modern society’s need for quick gratification.

“It’s the Netflix culture, where everybody wants to binge on a single show,” Miller said. “They don’t want to wait every week to see a new episode. You can watch the whole run on Netflix at one time. With this, you can get one taste and another taste later the same year. People get what they want a little quicker.”

Richards went on to explain that they took more time with “Chromaesthesia” than with their self-titled debut EP. With their debut, the band had to quickly lay down tracks in order to have an album to both sell and promote their band. With the knowledge from creating the debut, they had a specific plan of attack for “Chromaesthesia.” They took an active role in both creating this album and the companion video for the track “Breathing Electricity” With the exception of director Tim Redman, Miller and Richards ran everything behind the scenes.

“We were the producers and the editors working with Tim,” Richards said. “We were the directors, and we called up all our friends and the extras. We had to wrangle up the people and ordering food for everyone. The fun part of being a musician is that you get to do all these little jobs along with being a musician. We had to make this thing happen ourselves.”

As far as their set at Hangout Fest, The Electric Sons promises to deliver “a thunderous performance from the number one, up-and-coming, trying real hard band.” They also said to expect some short pants and short sleeves as well as two very sunburned people on stage. The crowd can also expect to hardworking musicians who feel honored to be able to perform at Hangout Fest 2014.

“It’s a dream come true to perform,” Miller said. “It’s equally awesome to see our idols perform. It’s an all-around incredible experience.”

The Electric Sons will play the Red Bull Sound Select Stage on Saturday, May 17, at 2:45.