Hangout Fest 2014 is just one week away. If there was one thing that could be said about the bands chosen for the festival’s line-ups (both past and present), then it would be that some are chosen for the party vibes that their music emits from the stage.

The Lonely Biscuits will definitely be a band that will bring a celebratory atmosphere with their set. This group effortlessly mingles jazz, rock, funk and hip-hop. Their delivery is marked by precision and accented by their energetic stage presence. The Lonely Biscuits are comprised of four talented young men from Belmont University. Currently, they are balancing studies with a music career that is about to explode.

Hangout The Lonely Biscuits

“It’s pretty hectic sometimes, especially when we have finals,” said vocalist/guitarist Grady “Gravy” Wenrich. “We just have to know when to buckle down and get the homework done and when to take time off.”

The Lonely Biscuits should serve as a prime example for up-and-coming bands. The group met at the Nashville college and naturally gravitated to each other’s musical skills. It did not take long for the band to put together a YouTube clip for their song “Butter.” The Lonely Biscuits quickly snatched up views and began building their fan base. Seeing that their music was appealing to the masses, the band released their first EP (“Soul Food”), which they literally gave to the public. So far, EPs have been the band’s preferred form for releasing their music.

“EP’s are less of a commitment,” Wenrich sais. “There’s not as much pressure with it. Plus, people’s attention spans are so short. If you only have five or six songs, it’s easier for someone to listen to the whole thing through. If you don’t have a bunch of hardcore fans yet, they’re not going to listen to 12 or 13 songs. It’s cheaper and easier for bands starting out without a label.”

The Lonely Biscuits have a busy summer ahead of them. Not only are they playing Hangout Fest, but they will also travel to Manchester, Tenn., in June to perform at Bonnaroo. Afterwards, they will release new music later this summer. The band members will finish up their last year at Belmont and begin to totally focus on their music career. As far as advice for other up-and-coming bands, Wenrich was quick with a response.

“Play out as much as you can and play a bunch of shows. Put a lot of content out. In the beginning, we gave a lot of our music out for free, so people can find us easily. You need to play as many shows as you can and don’t be afraid to reach out to blogs and websites to get press.”