The modern underground scene in Seattle can be marked by its avant-garde, eclectic nature. It does not seem like the kind of place that would embrace a band such as Reignwolf.

However, Jordan Cook (guitar/vocals), Stitch (bass) and Joseph Braley (drummer) quickly gathered local fans with an evolved style of metal. Reignwolf pulls inspiration from the primordial days of metal, when bands such as MC5 and Blue Cheer were pioneering the genre.

This trio amplifies their music with an electrifying live performance. When Lagniappe spoke with Cook, it was the day after Reignwolf had played their first show as the tour opener for Black Sabbath at the Barclay Center in New York.

“It’s been surreal. Playing the first show at The Barclay Center in itself was just an amazing experience,” Cook said. “I have lots of respect for that band (Black Sabbath). They’re the best rock ’n’ roll band going, so it’s nice to be out with them.”

These three rockers are reviving rock’s edginess and danger with their music. While their music and stage show may seem like a well-planned movement, Cook explained that everything about the band is totally organic, including its creation. Originally from Canada, Cook moved to Seattle before he even had his visa. When he made his move, he arrived without gigs, equipment or a band. He gathered gear from pawnshops, guitar stores and “friends of friends.”

“The next thing you know, I’m playing shows,” Cook said. “I met Joseph and Stitch through a mutual friend. Then, we were on stage and playing. It was a very natural progression.”

Reignwolf brought hellfire down on the Seattle scene with their atypical sound. Each show was marked by a primal rage that echoed throughout their tracks and delivery. Their acceptance by the locals was undeniable. This unparalleled support encouraged the trio to continue as Reignwolf. So far, the band has teased the public with a couple of singles, but Cook revealed that there will be a Reignwolf full-length released before the end of 2014.

When Reignwolf takes the stage, Hangout Fest will be brought to its knees. While the band is accustomed to playing smaller venues, their unbridled rock is custom-built for an arena environment. According to Cook, this is yet another challenge that the band is quickly conquering through their travels with Black Sabbath.

“We are definitely new to the arena,” Cook explained. “Last night, it was a big test. Playing in New York where they’ve seen the best of the best, you’ve got to be the best you are. People can smell if it’s real, or if it’s not.”