Rock ‘n’ roll reached one of many apexes in the ’70s. During the decade, young rockers came together to form bands and create sounds that could only be contained by an arena. Heart was an extremely unique rock outfit for the time. In the history of rock, there are very few co-ed bands. Heart’s line-up featured sisters Ann (vocals) and Nancy (guitar) Wilson. The Wilsons led this band and left the remaining rhythm and guitar duties to the men.
Heart could be considered one of the most heavily rotated bands on classic rock radio. It is a rare occasion that one can listen to classic rock radio for an hour and not hear hits such as “Barracuda” and “Crazy for You.” While their crowd favorites should be expected, the Wilsons usually have a few more surprises for their audience. Their renditions of Led Zeppelin’s music are quite impressive.

Date: Friday, Feb. 20, doors at 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, 777 Beach Blvd.,
Tickets: $59.99-$89.99 available through Ticketmaster