Numerous communities in Mobile County have reported sewage overflows totaling more than 1 million gallons due to heavy rainfall this week.

According to a press release from the Mobile County Health Department, approximately 3,300 gallons of sanitary sewage has spilled into Portersville Bay from a manhole at Little River near Seafood House Road.

The Mobile Area Water and Sewer System also reported sanitary sewage overflows Tuesday in areas near Eslava Creek, Dog River, Halls Mill Creek, Perch Creek and Three Mile Creek.

The Prichard Water Company reported that sewer overflows occurred at locations near Gum Tree Branch.

Health Department officer Dr. Bernard Eichold advises residents to take precautions when coming into contact with standing water that has accumulated from the overflows. Residents should take precautions if using Portersville Bay for recreational purposes and should cook thoroughly any seafood caught in the affected areas.

All residents are advised to wash their hands before cleaning and preparing seafood that was caught in the affected areas. Any seafood harvested from the areas must be cooked thoroughly before eating.