The Mobile Bay area is full of active female musicians, almost all of them solo performers. So when a band like The Krickets comes along, it’s quite refreshing.

The Krickets feature Emily Stuckey Sellers, Melissa Bowman, Lauren Spring and Katrina Kolb (Fat Man Squeeze). The Krickets began as a tribute band which performed at a benefit to honor 22-year-old breast cancer victim Cricket Russell. Undoubtedly a sonic bond was formed and the group continued to perform as The Krickets.

(Photo/ Courtesy of Local Americana band The Krickets seek help funding their new album.

(Photo/ Courtesy of Local Americana band The Krickets seek help funding their new album.

Armed with acoustic instruments and a ton of harmonic talent, The Krickets have been gathering fans with their ethereal Americana sound. This quartet embraces a soothing mix of country, folk and bluegrass. Many may consider this a common sound on the Gulf Coast, but Americana music of this nature is typically performed by a solo artist. With their fresh sound, The Krickets have been a hit with area audiences, especially with their original debut single, “Sweet Home.” Another song, “It’s Christmas Eve,” has been receiving a lot of attention online as well.

Now The Krickets are taking the next step and plan to record a debut album. When it’s released, the group plans to donate $1 of each album sold to The Cricket Fund at Sacred Heart Hospital. The Krickets face the same financial challenges experienced by all bands wanting to record. Following the example of a legion of modern bands, they have established an online Kickstarter account to help finance the creation of their first effort, which they want to record at Muscle Shoals Sound in Alabama’s music city.

As is customary with Kickstarter campaigns, The Krickets are offering numerous rewards through the website’s tiered donation system. The rewards begin with a $5 investment, which gets the donor a free download of the single “Sweet Home.” With each tiered step, investors could receive everything from pre-release copies of the debut to private concerts. The ultimate package includes a personal song and an invitation to join The Krickets in the studio. Currently, the band is close to their goal, and the deadline to invest hits on Friday, Jan. 15. Those wanting to invest in this endeavor should visit the Kickstarter website pronto.