The stars sure are falling on Alabama this week. And I’m not talking about a luminescent ball of gas and dust, but real-life, in-the-flesh movie stars. In addition to that, men were spotted wearing bras in public places. And another rare albino animal was cruising around the Port City. And yes, this is the kind of news I put together for you in one single column. Stars, bras and rare animals. I guess you could argue they are all one and the same. Well, maybe not the bra thing, but you know what I mean.

Anyhoo, let’s dive right on in and soak up all this gossip goodness.

Liam Hemsworth in town!

My phone was blowing up this weekend as the spies reported actor Liam Hemsworth is in town filming a movie called “Arkansas.” Apparently the star, known for starring in “The Hunger Games” franchise, dating Miley Cyrus and just being smoking hot, will also star alongside John Malkovich and Vince Vaughn in this film. Wait. Does Alabama play the role of Arkansas in this film? That may really be a stretch but I’m sure she can handle it. I can already hear the Oscar buzz.

So far, I have had reports of Hemsworth being at Julwin’s in Fairhope, Foy, Sunflower Café and Hot Wheels Skate Center in Daphne. And that John Malkovich was spotted at Moe’s Original Bar B Que in Daphne. No Vaughn sightings yet. But considering how tall he is, he would also be hard to miss.

You can follow the movie on Instagram to see where else they may be.

Welcome to town, gentlemen! We hope you enjoy your stay and we’ll try not to bother you (too much).

‘KARMA’ (this one’s not a bitch)

Speaking of movies shot in Mobile, the Mobile Film Office posted that the movie “KARMA” recently premiered on the SYFY Channel. Mobile actress Arlene Baluyut and fellow Alabamians Meg Deusner, A. Todd Baker and Sara Morgan star in this film. There were also a lot of local cast members and extras, according to the post. Check out SYFY’s listings to see when you can check out this flick for yourself.

‘Bras for a Cause’

Last Thursday night, local men put on their very own and very stylish over-the-shoulder boulder holders and modeled them for screaming fans at The Locale in WeMo. The annual “Bras for a Cause” event raises thousands of dollars each year for local men and women who are battling breast cancer. The crowd bids on the bras the men are sporting and some bring in well over $1,000 apiece. My spies said some of the best-themed brassieres this year included a police officer, Super Mario Brother, Hershey’s Kiss, Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Thor, a pirate and one that lit up! WPMI’s Darwin Singleton served as master of ceremonies, and I am told this sold-out event was a really great time for a really great cause.

Rare white dolphin spotted

First we had a rare white albino squirrel spotted in downtown around Ryan Park and Spanish Plaza. Next there was a rare white sparrow off Azalea Road. Shortly after that, just north of Mobile in Clarke County, a rare white raccoon was captured and released back into the wild. Now it seems these rare creatures are not limited to our trees and forests but are also being spotted in our waters. Apparently there have been several sightings of a rare white albino dolphin swimming in Dog River. Pretty cool, huh?

Well kids that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or some plain ol’ Hemsworth and/or white dolphin lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!