Like it or not, Mardi Gras is here. Downtown is about to be much busier than usual, and right in the thick of it all is Heroes.

To celebrate the Carnival season, Heroes is again offering delicious oysters. You have your choice of fried or even more fried, but get them in a basket, a combo basket with shrimp or on a po’boy with Heroes’ new Leidenheimer bread.

Fans are calling them “legit.” A spokesman from Heroes tells me they plan to keep serving them for at least a few weeks.

I wish they would quit the McRib scam and put them on the permanent menu. I’d play hooky for those things.

Midtown Smoothie King moves
The Smoothie King on Airport near the loop moved across the parking lot to the former Sugar Rush Donuts building across the street from Mellow Mushroom and is now open for business.

Of course it’s a walk in, order a smoothie kind of place. But this one also has a drive-thru window for those of you suffering from agoraphobia or laziness.

Get there early. Most days they start serving at 7 a.m., so you can pound a 32-ouncer before school. Remember, these are the good kind of calories.

St. Mary’s Steak Out a huge success
There was a lot of trash talk leading up to this year’s Steak Out night of excessive beef intake at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. It seems some teams were out for first blood, and I’m talking cold center.

The parking lot was full last Saturday as teams got underway, with pounds of meat per person cooked to varying degrees of perfection.

Third place went to JT and the Callaghan’s gang. KK Ollis of Ashland Pub found second place with his Ollis Brothers team. Veteran’s Recovery Resources slid in with the People’s Choice Award. But first place went to Team Shane Rice Photography. They say the secret was the chimichurri sauce.

“This was way more fun than last year,” gloated winner Shane Rice. “My goal was just to beat Callaghan’s and rub it into JT’s face. Who knew Old Shell Road was such a battlefield?”

Defending champion JT had something to say about that. “I told Shane Rice his steak was a solid No. 2. He needs to quit riding his wife’s coattails,” he said, speaking of award-winning Chef Arwen Rice at Red or White. Let’s keep this classy, boys.

Attendees said the event was packed and will likely have to be moved to a larger venue if it continues to grow. Many commented on the wonderful beers provided by local brewers, such as Serda’s, Haint Blue and Southern Prohibition. This is turning into quite the event!

Fairhope Brewing Co. turns 5
While some of you were at the Steak Out, I was at Fairhope Brewing Co.’s Five Year anniversary party! I have never seen the taproom as jam packed as it was at this “Empire Strikes Back”-themed party. I expect many more years to come, as their beer has gotten better each year. Congratulations, boys!


(Photo | Flickr/Creative Commons) The two locations of Heroes Sports Bar & Grill have fried
oysters for a limited time only.