Nathan Davis and Charlie Plyler, two former Republican candidates in the primary election for House District 104, endorsed Susan Hightower today in her runoff campaign against Margie Wilcox, according to a press release. The runoff election is Dec. 3.

Charlie Plyler (left) and Nathan Davis (right) endorsed Susan Hightower for House District 104 Oct. 28.

Courtesy of Susan Hightower

Charlie Plyler (left) and Nathan Davis (right)

endorsed Susan Hightower for House District 104

Oct. 28.

“Over the last week, I have had the pleasure of talking with many in the community about the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate,” Davis said in a statement. “I also gave careful consideration to them. I visited with each candidate and I believe they are both good people. However, I understand the importance of choosing the right candidate as this choice will impact south Alabama and the state for years to come.  Susan Hightower’s philosophy closely reflects mine and our founders’ philosophy on limited role of government. I endorse Susan Hightower and encourage all of my supporters to cast their vote for her.”

In a primary election Oct. 15 which only saw about 3,530 people, or 11 percent of the electorate come to the polls, Hightower finished first with 1,496 votes, or just over 42 percent. Davis finished third with 785 votes, or 22 percent. Plyler and a fifth candidate, Ralph Carmichael, combined to earn 130 votes.  

“I would openly like to declare my support of Susan Hightower to be the next representative for Alabama House District 104,” Plyler said. “Susan’s strong conservative principles, along with her pro-business attitude, make her the right candidate for the position. She is a person of integrity who will be integral in helping Alabama continue on its path to becoming an economic leader.” 

Hightower is a small business owner and the wife of state Sen. Bill Hightower. The District 104 seat opened upon the resignation of 13-year house veteran Jim Barton in August. The winner of the runoff will face Democrat Stephen Carr in the general election Jan. 28.

“I am proud to have the endorsements and support of Nathan and Charlie,” Susan Hightower added.  “I have come to know them during this campaign, and they are both valuable leaders and tremendous assets to our community. I am thankful for their faith and trust in me.”