Last Tuesday, Republican congressional hopeful Dean Young took to the airwaves to attack his primary opponent Rep. Bradley Byrne.

During that appearance on Mobile talk station FM Talk 106.5, Young got into a heated exchange with “Mobile Mornings” host Sean Sullivan over the claim that Byrne had been an advocate of President Barack Obama’s so-called executive amnesty.

However, also during that appearance Young accused conservative pundit and FM Talk 106.5 regular Quin Hillyer of being on the Byrne payroll.

(Gabriel Tynes/Lagniappe) Quin Hillyer

(Gabriel Tynes/Lagniappe) Quin Hillyer

On Friday, Hillyer reached out to Lagniappe, calling that claim an “utterly scurrilous allegation” and insisted that he was not on Byrne’s payroll, but that it was he who had given money to Byrne’s election effort.

“Dean Young slandered me on the radio,” Hillyer said in a statement provided to Lagniappe. “He said Bradley Byrne is paying me. He cited supposed ‘records.’ I’ll cite the record, too. When I lost the race in 2013, I had money left over in my campaign account, so early in the runoff when Dean attacked Bradley’s Christian faith, which is also my exact same faith, I donated some to Bradley’s campaign to fight Dean’s smear. Again, my campaign donated to Bradley’s, not the other way around.”

Ultimately, Hillyer said, Byrne’s campaign refunded the money and thus neither were indebted to one another.

“Bradley’s campaign didn’t need the donation, so they gave it back. It’s all in the Federal Election Commission reports. Every penny. Neither of us owes the other or is in debt to each other by even a single red cent. Case closed.”