Band: Mickey Gilley • Date: Saturday, Sept. 24, at 8 p.m.
Venue: IP Casino, Resort & Spa, 850 Bayview Ave. (Biloxi),
Tickets: $25, available through Ticketmaster

The ‘70s was a glorious time for country music, as the sounds of honky-tonk began to echo across the nation, and country fans two-stepped in acceptance. During this time, pianist Mickey Gilley reigned.

Gilley began his professional career in the mid-’60s, but the public wasn’t ready for his music. As the new decade arrived, Gilley created his own creative outlet that took the form of his namesake venue outside of Dallas, which was eventually used as a centerpiece for the film “Urban Cowboy.” He performed there regularly, building a reputation on the country music scene.

Gilley’s breakout hit was 1974’s “Room Full of Roses.” Over the following four years, he released 12 top 10 hits including “Don’t All the Girls Get Prettier at Closing Time,” “Window Up Above,” “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” and “The Power of Positive Drinkin’.” Gilley has collected a number of awards from the Academy of Country Music, and his Biloxi set will be a flashback to a bygone era, when country was still distinguishable from pop.