Band: The Honorable South
Date: Friday, April 10 at 7 p.m.
Venue: Cathedral Square Stage

The Honorable South is going to give SouthSounds a heavy dose of rock ‘n’ soul. This versatile group from The Big Easy will be performing cuts from their album “Faithful, Brave & Honest.” Honorable South makes it perfectly clear that there is no other band in New Orleans quite like them. “Faithful, Brave & Honest” opens with the reggae beats of “Miami” and closes with the modern alt. rock of “Money Bags.” In between, this five-piece fronted by the lovely and talented Charm Taylor mingles a myriad of genres to formulate their unique sound. According to Taylor, this is due to the members’ own varied influences.
Honorable South
Taylor grew up in a house filled with R&B and soul before finding rock and Americana on her own. Jamal Batiste (drums) focused more on funk. Danny Kartel (guitar) loved hip-hop. Matt Rosenbeck (guitar) came from a heavy metal background, and Charles Lumar II (bass) was drawn to jazz and Americana. Despite their different musical tastes, they found a bond that can be witnessed on stage and in the studio.

“I honestly think we do have a bond,” Taylor said. “A part of it, I think, is something that we can’t explain. It’s whatever that brings people together to work on things like this over their lifetime together. On the other hand, I think there’s a real kinship and feeling of shared purpose. It’s that brotherly/sisterly vibe. We all have sensitivity to music, even though we all come from different backgrounds.”

Their songwriting process is as organic as the bond that joins them. Taylor is no stranger to the pen and has crafted many poems and stories. When she hears certain beats or chords in her head, they are sometimes shared with the rest of the band to create a new song. Other times, another member may bring an idea to the table, and they band will work through it until it becomes a track. Taylor cites the track “St. Charles Parish” as a perfect example of their songwriting process.

“Charles Lumar, who is our bassist, and Jamal Baptiste are both from St. Charles Parish,” Taylor said. “Charles wrote a lot of the music and lyrics and brought it to rehearsal. He said that he had been working on that song. He said it wasn’t finished. So, I heard it, and he played it. I picked it up from the bridge on. You hear that shift in the music.”

This group of young musicians is sure to inundate their audience with a versatile sound wave of modern rock. According to Taylor, this is the perfect time of year to experience this band.

“The festival season for us is our favorite time,” Taylor explained. “We look forward to coming alive. We play come-alive music. You’re gonna shout. You’re gonna shake and dance. You’re gonna feel good from the inside out and the outside in. Afterwards, you’ll be like, ‘Who is that again?’”

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