With the exception of Sunday, Mobile’s weather has been on point! On point is still cool, right? Regardless, keep those cooler, beautiful days coming!

This is the perfect time to be outside, walking your dog, drinking beer, sitting on the porch, drinking a glass of wine, sitting by a fire, you get what I mean. It’s perfect drinking weather. And I believe Mobile did just that this past weekend!

Weekend vibes
So, Friday night was the second Friday of the month, which means LoDa Artwalk! And on top of Artwalk there was the Junior League’s Christmas Jubilee, South had a home game and there was a street party at The Steeple. Needless to say downtown was buzzing!

Boozie’s night started with a quick run through Christmas Jubilee. This event always gets me in the Christmas spirit; like, is it too early to light the Christmas candle and put the tree up? I tasted as many dips, soups and other goodies as I could. Lucy Buffett was there and I hear she also did a little shopping before signing her new cookbook “Gumbo Love.” I think I am going to start using Lucy’s term and say I’m from the “coastal South.” Sounds fancy.

Boozie couldn’t help but laugh when she passed the beer line at Christmas Jubilee — it was full of poor souls who were dragged there by their wives to do Christmas shopping and probably told it would be a quick trip. Guys, it could have been worse, there could have been no beer!

After stocking up on wrapping paper, ornaments and dip mixes, it was time to head to Artwalk and dinner. Restaurants were packed, the streets were packed, art galleries were packed and parking spots were few and far between, all good problems to have! Did I say packed?

Since my restaurant of choice had a 45-minute wait, we decided to grab a drink and take a walk. I felt all warm inside when I heard out-of-towners talking about getting “the cool cup” aka hurricane glasses, and their waitress telling them they could also walk around with a drink and them all getting excited and high-fiving each other! See, Mobile is cool!

What was even cooler were the parody albums at Optera Creative. They were Mobile parodies, so think Sandy Stimpson on the Michael Jackson “Thriller” cover as Michael Jackson. If you have the chance go check them out!

Meanwhile over the bay, Manci’s was moving and grooving with The Danzig Band reunion. Apparently, they were a popular band back in the day but times hadn’t changed much since their days of playing at Trinity’s, which used to be in downtown Mobile. My spy said they were just as amazing as she remembers! She said Manci’s was packed and it was almost like a mini college reunion, with everyone sharing memories of seeing the band play at different bars around the Gulf Coast. Nothing like having the band back together!

Come Saturday morning, Gears and Beers kicked off the day with four different bike rides through Mobile. Gears and Beers reported this year they had the most riders ever and the event was a huge success! Boozie was told the post-race party was so much fun, with Mobile Big Band Society playing!

I was also surprised to find out more people signed up for the 100-mile ride than the 10-mile Beignet Buster. Umm, if there is “beignets” in a route name, I am taking that one, but more power to the folks that can ride 100 miles, that is impressive. One dad and his two sons took on the challenge; it might have been more than they were ready for but they still managed to finish. Talk about dedication!

By the time Saturday late afternoon rolled around, Auburn fans were sitting back enjoying the sights on the TV because of the Georgia upset. Boozie had one friend shotgunning beers for every touchdown until about the third one. Crazy barners! But the real question is how many noise complaints did police get Saturday night during the Alabama game and did the hospitals see an increase in heart attack patients? Everyone better get ready for the Iron Bowl, friendships and even marriages will be tested.

Purse, please
The 12th annual Purse With Purpose was last Tuesday night at Heron Lakes. As always Our Sisters’ Closet put on a fabulous event! If you are a female (males are welcome too) and you haven’t made it to this event, you need to go next year! Boozie loves this event not just for the endless wine but because of the work Our Sisters’ Closet does. They help disadvantaged women, men and teens by providing free interview and workplace clothing and job search support and career advancement training. Cool, right?

The main attraction of Purse With Purpose is the live auction. There are always men modeling the purses and some go all out to get your attention!

The first guy came out dancing. He said everyone wasn’t ready to party so he started taking his suit off and made an outfit change to a vest and hat — that definitely got the ladies’ attention!

With the second guy, things were slow until hosts Kelly Finley and Sean Sullivan said Ben could do a few one-handed pushups. He did a lot of one-handed pushups, with the purse in his free hand! Needless to say, the bids came rolling in.

Assistant DA Cleveland Patterson came out breaking it down — the man can groove! Judge William Steele followed as a fill-in and had the crowd laughing as he walked around in sunglasses yelling “Buy this purse!” A guy named Tim Mills followed but I was too busy talking and missed his auction.

Kelly and Sean’s co-host Dalton was the youngest model but also recently married so the ladies weren’t as interested, plus he was followed by “the most eligible bachelor,” Andy Newton! Right off, Andy said he would do “one two-armed pushup” and did not let the crowd down as he did his pushup. He then worked the crowd, rubbing the purse on one guy’s face and sitting in a lady’s lap. After he got up she had to fan herself. Needless to say, the purse sold for a lot of money.

Next up was another eligible bachelor, Paul Beagle! Paul came out with the microphone and was telling the ladies about what all was in his purse. A two-night stay at a hotel! He joked that he could probably join you, and Kelly quickly cut him off and told him to stick to modeling because that was not part of the package! Hey, he was just hoping to make some new friends!

Following Paul was Jamie Fraser from “Outlander”! Since he is from Scotland he came out wearing a kilt and talking in his accent. He made a joke about what was under his kilt and didn’t quite hear Kelly when she said “one-night stay,” a little worried he thought she said stand!

The final model was Craig Matthews with Lexus of Mobile. He modeled a Louis Vuitton purse and the crowd went crazy, but everything was kept tame because Craig’s wife was in the front row!

All the models are such good sports and raised a lot of money for Purse With Purpose!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ purse lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!