My oh my, is it just me or is global warming starting to happen? Nature’s mama needs to decide what she wants to do. If it’s going to rain, then rain, but don’t rain a little then bring out the sun. Boozie and extreme humidity don’t mix, but what does mix well? Tequila, ice and margarita mix. If the weather stays so humid I’m going to only be able to drink frozen drinks to keep cool. But hey, that’s fine with me!

If you can’t sip on frozen drinks because you have to work or drive or take care of children, then let this week’s gossip be your refreshing cooldown.

Things are getting weird
Last Tuesday, June 7, Weird Al made a stop on his “The Return of the Mandatory World Tour” at the Saenger Theatre, and Boozie is told he put on quite a show. According to my spy, the Prince of Parody did not disappoint.

Weird Al started the concert outside the Saenger and had many elaborate costume changes, which made the show that much more exciting. My spy said he couldn’t even begin to pick his favorite song because all of them were great.

One thing Boozie was surprised to hear about is the age range for the concert. My spy said he saw young kids there and also a few older folks. Guess it’s an Amish Paradise for everyone!

It had to be you
The shows at the Saenger just kept rolling. The following night, Wednesday, June 8, Harry Connick Jr. performed and had the Saenger crowd laughing and singing along. My spies said he was incredible and great entertainment.

Harry was raving about Mobile, and even mentioned he might be related to a few people in the crowd. He sat down on the front of the stage and was just chatting. We hear more than a few ladies in the audience were swooning. Boozie is glad the Saenger is in full swing!

Paddles up at the Battleship
Fuse Project hosted its third annual Dragon Boat race on Saturday, June 11, at the Battleship. Having almost doubled the number of teams from last year, it’s safe to say Battleship Park was packed. With a whopping 72 registered and the sun shining, it was the perfect race day.

Despite the heat, the drummers on the boats still went all out with costumes and wigs. Boozie doesn’t handle heat well, so I don’t know how these folks did it. And hats off to the teams where all rowers dressed up. I barely survived wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Other than the sweating part, Boozie had fun. Some of my favorite things were the creatively funny team names, such as “Oh Row You Didn’t” and “Row Tide.” A crowd favorite was the fireworks! Yes, fireworks during the day are now a thing. Fuse Project had special daytime fireworks that shot out colored powder instead of sparks. Apparently it was the first display of daytime fireworks in the Southeast. Pretty cool!

We can’t talk about the Dragon Boat races without mentioning the winners. Again this year, in first place was Alabama Orthopedic Clinic. Taking second this year was Hargrove EPC and in third place was Crossfit Saraland. Congrats to all the teams that worked hard to raise money, which is given right back to great children’s programs the community – the biggest winners of all.

Going the distance
Sometimes life throws us curveballs. Whether that curveball is a broken AC or a broken car, we sometimes have to get creative to get what we need. And last week it seems some of this “creativity” was on display.

One of my spies spotted a lady driving a riding lawn mower down DIP to the liquor store. She even pulled into a parking spot! Boozie’s spies are no experts but they did say that might not have been her first adult beverage of the day. After she got the goods, she climbed back on the mower and backed it up, just like she would a car. She then crossed DIP to take the sidewalk on the other side home.

Boozie is kinda thinking this might be a stroke of genius. Think about it, you’re at a party and you run out of booze, you need to get to the store but you’ve been drinking and an Uber will take too long. So you take the next best thing, the lawn mower. Then, if you get suspected of doing anything wrong, you can just drop the blade down and start cutting grass and pretend you don’t hear anything.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Weird Al lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!